10 kilos by Easter? Week 6

After a disappointing week 5, I was ready to get back on track. I had a session with Rama at 8.45 on Sunday morning.

I did my 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer and then the work-out began. Two minutes of cardio, followed by 1 minute of resistance. The first round consisted of:

  • 2 minutes on the cross-trainer
  • 1 minute of clean and press using a bar
  • 2 minutes walking on the treadmill with 3-kg weights
  • 1 minute of swinging squats with a 10lb dumbell

I had a water break and then started again:

  • 2 minutes on the cross-trainer
  • 1 minute of dead weight lifts using a bar
  • 2 minutes walking on the treadmill with 3-kg weights
  • 1 minute of stepping on/off a bench

Another water break, and then on to the third set:

  • 2 minutes on the cross-trainer
  • 1 minute of walking lunges holding a Swiss ball straight out in front of me
  • 2 minutes walking on the treadmill with 3-kg weights
  • 1 minute of lateral pulldowns

After a longer break, there were two sets of tricep dips – one of 15 reps, the second of 12 reps. And then came some lower body floorwork and two sets of 3-minute abs. 

I was so tempted to take a nap after that – after each session with Rama my body feels like it’s been run over by a bus. In the end I decided not to nap and was in bed by 11pm that night! 

I found the weighing scales on Sunday night – finally! I’d just had dinner but decided to weigh myself anyway. Since the last time I weighed myself in mid-November I’ve lost 4.5 kgs – which means 8.6 kgs since August. It’s not as much as I had hoped (considering I’d wanted to lose 10 kgs by Christmas), but at least I hadn’t put on any weight. And did I mention I’d just had dinner? I decided I’d weigh myself on Monday morning on an empty stomach and see if it made a difference. I didn’t think the omelette and salad I had would change my weight that much…

I woke up on Monday and weighed myself. I’d lost a further 1.4 kgs overnight (if only that happened more often) which brings my grand total up to 10 kgs! Chances of me losing a further 10 kgs by Easter are slim, considering it took me over 4 months to lose the initial 10 kgs, but I did it! And I’ll keep going. I’ve decided to weigh myself on Thursday mornings only – just before the weekend begins – and go with that.

I had another good yoga class on Monday morning – after my second class I’m certain I made the right choice by not going with the first teacher. The chemistry was all wrong with that guy.

On Tuesday I wasted some time trying to do the Kakuro in the paper but then decided I couldn’t put off the gym any longer. I wasn’t really in the mood so I did 15 minutes on the cross-trainer and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill. Something is better than nothing, right?

Just before my session with Rama on Wednesday, he texted me to say that as it was my 10th session (already??) I’d be doing some fitness tests and to have slightly more sugar than usual before training. I had a heaped teaspoon of peanut butter which I thought would be fine.

I did my five minutes on the cross-trainer and the tests began. They were the same ones I did in my first session with him: push-ups, crunches, wall squat, plank, burpees, 500 metres on the cross-trainer. So:

  • One minute of push-ups – 36 (23 last time – up 13)
  • One minute of crunches – 40 (26 last time – up 14)
  • Wall squat – 43 seconds (32 seconds last time – up 11 seconds)
  • Burpees – 22 (11 last time – up 11) – these aren’t timed, just as many as you can do!
  • 500 metres on the cross-trainer at resistance 10 – 4:08 (4:53 last time – an improvement of 45 seconds!)

I was tired after that, but we continued with some ab exercises on the mat, and then two sets of tricep extensions. To finish, I did some stairs. Rama sent me down to the ground floor in the lift and I walked up seven floors. I had a short break and he sent me back down to the ground floor again. I was tempted to just leave the building and head home, but I’d left my phone, towel, water and mat upstairs. So I did another seven floors. Each time it took me about 2.5 minutes – I think it took longer because the lights weren’t working from the ground floor to the third or fourth floors and I couldn’t see where I was going! By the time I got to the top I was out of breath. Hauling my body weight up so many stairs is hard and I felt sick after the second lot of stairs. Thankfully that was the end of the session…

I had another yoga class on Thursday. I was happy doing one class a week in London but now that I have the time I think two classes would be better. The yoga teacher can’t always do two lessons a week so we’ll have to just see how it goes.

I took the day off on Friday. I think one day off a week is necessary!

When I went to the gym on Saturday, it was crowded. By crowded, I mean there were three other people there, two of whom I’d never seen. Two of the treadmills and one of the cross-trainers were being used. I had thought about doing the two-minute-per-machine circuit but realised it wouldn’t be practical if most of the machines were being used. I stuck to 15 minutes on the cross-trainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill. When I left the gym, there were two more people in there – I think it’s better to go earlier rather than later on Saturdays!


Read more updates here.


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