Your week ahead (26 February – 3 March)

Have a lovely week! Aries 7 of Swords – running away – shirking responsibility, sneaking off, leaving; being a lone wolf – wanting independence, staying aloof, preferring solitude; choosing hidden dishonour – covering your tracks, lying or stealin…

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Have a lovely week!



7 of Swords – running away – shirking responsibility, sneaking off, leaving; being a lone wolf – wanting independence, staying aloof, preferring solitude; choosing hidden dishonour – covering your tracks, lying or stealing, avoiding a shameful secret



Temperance – being temperate – finding the middle ground, reaching a compromise; maintaining balance – recognising all sides, feeling centred and secure; experiencing health – renewing energy and vigour, flourishing; combining forces – joining with others, finding the right mix



Death – ending – closing one door to open another, completing a chapter; going through transition – being cast adrift, being in the middle; eliminating excess – shedding old attitudes, getting back to basics; experiencing inexorable forces – going through what cannot be avoided, accepting the inevitable



The Hierophant – getting an education – pursuing knowledge, seeking a deeper meaning; having a belief system – identifying a world view, knowing where to put your faith; conforming – fitting in, doing what’s expected; identifying with a group – devoting energy to a group, feeling loyal to others



Page of Wands – being creative – taking a novel approach, finding a new area of self-expression; being enthusiastic – getting excited, being passionate; being confident – stretching your envelope, moving beyond doubts; being courageous – taking assertive action, overcoming a fear



Queen of Cups – being loving – dispelling anger and hate, having infinite patience; being tenderhearted – being kind and gentle with all creatures, feeling what others are feeling; being intuitive – being guided by the heart; being psychic – having a well-developed sixth sense; being spiritual – having reverance for all life, appreciating the deeper meanings of life



Ace of Pentacles – using material force – improving the body/health, focusing on concrete results; prospering – flourishing, experiencing growth; being practical – accepting the tools at hand, using common sense; proceeding with trust – believing in the good faith of others, knowing you have total security



6 of Pentacles – be generous – you are either about to be the beneficiary or the giver of something with value; share what you have – there is always someone who needs it; generosity does not have to have monetary value – it could be a listening ear, spiritual support, etc; don’t be too proud to accept what is offered, if you are the intended recipient.



King of Swords – being intellectual – being knowledgeable, carrying out research; being analytical – understanding a problem quickly; being articulate – being a lucid writer and speaker, communicating ideas successfully; being just – being impartial and objective; being ethical – taking the high road in all dealings



2 of Cups – making a connection – cementing a friendship, establishing a partnership; calling a truce – healing a severed relationship, letting bygones be bygones; acknowledging an attraction – letting yourself be drawn in, accepting your preferences, feeling a positive response



10 of Cups – feeling joy – embracing happiness, delighting in good fortune; enjoying peace – reducing stress and tension, feeling contented and at ease; looking to the family – going on a family event, supporting a relative in need, forgiving someone in the family



Page of Cups – being emotional – letting your feelings show, shedding your detachment; being intuitive – acting on a hunch, trusting your gut reaction; being intimate – starting or renewing a love affair, getting closer to someone; being loving – forgiving someone who has hurt you or apologising to someone you have hurt, forgiving yourself, responding with care rather than anger

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.

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