10 kilos by Easter? Week 10

My week began, as always, with a Sunday morning session with Rama. 

‘We haven’t done the 100s circuit in a while – we’re going to do that today,’ he told me as we walked over to the gym.

‘The wha?’

‘The 100s. You know – 100 push-ups, 100 crunches, 150 bunny hops…’

I didn’t hear the rest of what he said because the trauma of the last time I did that circuit came flooding back to me. F***.

I did my 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer and I got started with the circuit.

I had to do the following in any order, breaking it up however I wanted:

  • Push-ups x 100
  • Crunches x 100
  • Squat presses x 50
  • Bunny hops x 150
  • Walking/jogging x 80 lengths of the gym

The last time I did the circuit I broke it down into five sets of each exercise and it took me 26 minutes and 13 seconds. This time I decided the only way to get through it would be to break it down into four sets – the quicker I did it, the quicker I’d be out of pain. I did it like this:

  • Squat presses x 15
  • Bunny hops x 30
  • Crunches x 25
  • Push-ups x 25
  • Walking/jogging x 20 lengths of the gym
  • Squat presses x 15
  • Bunny hops x 40
  • Crunches x 25
  • Push-ups x 25
  • Walking/jogging x 20 lengths of the gym
  • Squat presses x 10
  • Bunny hops x 40
  • Crunches x 25
  • Push-ups x 25
  • Walking/jogging x 20 lengths of the gym
  • Squat presses x 10
  • Bunny hops x 40
  • Crunches x 25
  • Push-ups x 25
  • Walking/jogging x 20 lengths of the gym

For me, I think the push-ups are the hardest – I have no upper body strength and by the fourth round I had to pause after every three or four push-ups. I did the circuit in 24 minutes and 20 seconds, an improvement of 1 minute and 53 seconds. Rama then told me he’d expected an improvement of about 2 minutes, so that was close enough! He said some people take the whole hour to do the circuit, some do it in 18 minutes, some don’t even finish it. I didn’t know that not finishing it was even an option! He said he could do the circuit in 13 minutes (show off). 

After that there were lower body exercises and abs, and then the torture was over.

I had yoga on my own on Monday morning – my cousin couldn’t make it – so it meant all the teacher’s attention was on me for the whole hour. On Tuesday morning I did a 40-minute walk on the treadmill. 

My session with Rama on Wednesday was difficult. While I was warming up on the cross-trainer he gave me two options – I could either do the circuit I did the week before (15 squat jumps, 15 squat jumps with weights, 100 star jumps, etc.) or a circuit of four 1-minute exercises with a 1-minute rest between sets. The first circuit was still too fresh in my mind to even consider doing again so I went with the second one. The exercises went in the same order: upper body, lower body, full body, cardio, rest. The exercises were (in no particular order):

  • Bench press with 3-kg weights
  • Squats with 3-kg weights
  • Star jumps
  • Punches, upper cuts and jabs with 3-kg weights
  • Pelvic lifts with a Swiss ball
  • Push-ups
  • Walking lunges
  • Burpees
  • Shuttle runs up and down the gym
  • Tricep extensions
  • Ski jumps
  • Wall squat
  • Bear crawl
  • Tricep dips
  • Cross-trainer
  • Bike

I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember them! Each one was done for 1 minute. And I was done by the end of it. There were still ab exercises to do after that and some stretching, and then it was over.

I told Rama I’d hit a wall with my weight loss as the scales had barely moved in the last couple of weeks. He pointed out that my clothes were loose and that I was definitely losing inches. When I looked in the mirror I saw he was right – my gym clothes, which are a cotton/lycra mix and supposed to be fitted, weren’t so fitted any more. That afternoon I met a friend for coffee – I hadn’t seen her in exactly a month – and she commented on how much weight I’d lost.  

On Thursday I was up early and thought I’d get in an early work-out and then settle down to some work. The gym was closed as it was being repainted! Shouldn’t the building management have put up some kind of notice to let us know? What I should have done instead was sit by the pool and tan my pasty legs but I thought I’d get started on work. 

Friday was my official day off from the gym and on Saturday I did a brisk 40-minute walk on the treadmill.

For some reason, my lower back had been aching for most of the week – I’d been taking ibuprofen morning and night but it didn’t really help. I think Thursday was the worst day – every time I moved I felt like I was being sawed in half. By Saturday I could feel it starting to get a little better.

I weighed myself on Thursday expecting to be the same weight as the two previous weeks, but I was shocked to see I’d lost 0.7 kilos (1.5 lbs) taking my total weight loss to 12.5 kilos (27.5 lbs)! Hopefully I’ve broken through the plateau and my weight will continue to drop!


Read more updates here.


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