Dubai: Week 13

I had another busy week. I was swamped with work during the days and had a few social things lined up in the evenings. My week started, as always, with a session with Rama. After that I was home, working. On Monday night, I went to see Russell Pet…

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I had another busy week. I was swamped with work during the days and had a few social things lined up in the evenings.

My week started, as always, with a session with Rama. After that I was home, working.

On Monday night, I went to see Russell Peters at the World Trade Centre. I went with my dad and my uncle (don’t ask). We had to get there quite early as there was no allocated seating – you had to go to your section and sit wherever you could. The queues to get into each section were long. Handbags were searched and men were patted down. ‘Do you have a camera?’ she asked looking through my bag. Actually, I did have my small digital camera but she didn’t see it. I had no intention of using it, it just lives in my handbag. ‘Will you be drinking alcohol this evening?’ I was asked. ‘I don’t know, do I have to decide right now?’ The woman didn’t seem amused but put a band around my wrist that said I was OK for alcohol (or something like that). We found some seats and sat down. DJ Spinbad was on stage – and he was amazing. I think he was the highlight of my evening. He was playing mostly music from the 1980s, mixing songs together and making them work, such as: Billie Jean and I Wanna Dance With Somebody. If I had a party, I would want him there. Russell Peters’ supporting act was a guy called Ruben Paul – he was hilarious but he was only on for 10-15 minutes. I almost forgot I was there to see Russell Peters and not him. 

Russell Peters was funny. A bit vulgar in places, but funny nonetheless. Nobody was spared – Indians, Arabs, South Indians (‘It’s so dark in here I can’t see you’), Philippinos… I would *not* go with either of my parents the next time he’s here. I believe he toned his act down quite a bit for the show on Tuesday night. 

On Tuesday night a friend of mine said she was going to Mahiki with some friends and did I want to go? Sure, as long as it’s early(ish). We met at 9.30 – she told me her two female friends ditched at the last minute so it was the two of us and seven guys. It was a fun evening and the vodka was flowing. I left just after 12.30 as I had an early session with Rama the next day but was already feeling the effects of the vodka.

My session the next morning was torture. I’m never drinking the night before a training session again. I wanted to crawl back into bed afterwards but had a ton of work to get through. I worked the rest of the day and then went to La Petite Maison for dinner with the girls. There were 11 of us at the table – me and 10 married women with kids. I knew all of them – from either London or Lagos – but I don’t have very much to say to them. ‘Have you met any men here?’ Really? Are we really going to have this conversation? I felt like Bridget Jones having dinner with the smug marrieds. The food, on the other hand, was fantastic. The burrata was out of this world and I’d go back just to have that – several plates of it! I thought the pain perdu was better in London though.

On Thursday I realised I was going to have to work day and night to meet my deadline of the 30th. I was home all day and worked until 2am that night. 

On Friday, Dad and I went to Wafi City Mall for lunch. The mall was deserted as usual.


We had lunch at Wafi Gourmet – I think there were more people in the restaurant than in the entire mall. I spotted these mini fruit dessert things in the restaurant – but I have no idea what they are!


After lunch, while Dad went to wash his hands, I went to the MAC store. There was nobody in there, not even a shop assistant. I was in there for close to 10 minutes, trying on various lipsticks and eyeliners, and nobody came. I could have walked out with a few things (but couldn’t decide what I wanted). We came home and I went back to work.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything that evening but ended up having dinner with my cousin at Royal China. I’d booked a table for 9pm and we were on time. We sat at our table and ordered our food. At 9.45 my mobile rang – I didn’t recognise the number but answered it anyway. ‘Mrs Amreeta?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘I’m calling from Royal China restaurant – you have a reservation for 9pm?’ ‘Yes. I’m sitting in your restaurant.’ ‘Oh! Oh, sorry!’ I could see the woman from where I was sitting – and it was the same woman who had shown us to our table. 

I worked all of Saturday until 4.30pm. My cousin was in town from Bombay with her husband, daughter and in-laws so I met them at the Dubai Mall and we went to Shakespeare & Company for coffee (I still prefer Gloria Jean’s Coffee!). I hadn’t seen her in over a year and half so it was nice to catch up. Their dinner plans were up in the air so I told them we’d meet the next day instead. I got home and went back to work – finishing at 2am again. 

A busy week with work and play – hopefully it will calm down after I meet this deadline!

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