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Your destiny lies in your own hands

On Saturday I spotted a huge mistake in print.





I had approved the issue three days previously and was approving the online issue when I spotted the mistake on the table of contents. I emailed the printer immediately to find out whether it had gone to press yet. Being Saturday, I didn’t expect to hear from them until Monday, but you never know with printers – sometimes there’s someone there over the weekend. I also emailed the typesetters and asked them to re-supply the corrected file to the printer and to our online host. On Monday the printer emailed me to say the issue had been printed and bound and was being despatched that day. Dammit. At least the online version will be correct – I just have to hope nobody spots the typo.

The irony isn’t lost on me.

Anyway, I only spotted one thing in the paper this week:



Shouldn’t it be ‘Police have not…’?


I also spotted this in the paper – there’s nothing grammatically wrong with it but it was so ridiculous I just had to share it.


To see more mistakes, click here.

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