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I was a little lazy this week. 

I had my usual session with Rama on Sunday morning. I did my 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer and then the Ramanova circuit began:

  • Lateral pulldowns x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • Clean and presses with a weighted bar x 12
  • Push-ups x 15
  • Military presses with a weighted bar x 12
  • Squat jumps from a sitting position x 12
  • Bicep curls with a weighted bar x 15
  • 500m on the cross-trainer (at resistance level 10)

The last time I did 500m on the cross-trainer it took me 3 minutes and 58 seconds. This time it took me 3 minutes and 28 seconds – exactly 30 seconds off the time!

I had a rest and Rama told me I was going to do the circuit again! The second time I did the 500m in 3 minutes and 21 seconds – just 7 seconds off. By the last 150m I was ready to give up. 

I had another rest and then we began a Tabata circuit (30 seconds on, 20 seconds rest). It consisted of:

  • Squats
  • Stepping on and off a bench
  • Hamstring curls using the Swiss ball
  • Stepping on and off a stationary treadmill
  • Walking lunges
  • Calf raises

I had a rest and did the circuit again.

Then there was more lower body work on the floor followed by abs and then I was done.

I didn’t have yoga on Monday as my cousin couldn’t make it and I didn’t go to the gym on Tuesday either. I’d had a Brazilian keratin treatment done on Sunday afternoon and couldn’t get my hair wet, tie it up, swim or exercise for three days. It is all about the hair.

On Wednesday morning I had another session with Rama. I did my 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer. I then did two sets of bench presses alternated with squats. After that I did the circuit that consisted of:

  • Squat jumps with 3-kg weights x 15
  • 1 minute rest
  • Squat jumps without weights x 15
  • 1 minute rest
  • Bear crawl x 4 lengths of the gym
  • Star jumps x 100
  • 1 minute rest
  • Push-ups with 3-kg weights x 20
  • Ski jumps with 3-kg weights x 100
  • 3 minutes rest

I did that twice.

The second time round, during the bear crawl I started feeling a bit queasy/light-headed. Had I had breakfast, Rama asked? All I’d had was a cup of tea and a teaspoon of peanut butter and I was starting to wish I hadn’t even had that. Anyway I took a breather, then carried on and finished the circuit. After the rest I did three sets of tricep dips alternated with tricep extensions, two sets of lower body exercises alternated with walking lunges, and three sets of crunches on a Swiss ball. And I was done.

By the time I got home I still felt a bit sick. I kept sipping on my water and eventually started to feel ‘normal’ again. Perhaps I was tired or perhaps it was hotter than usual (the temperature hit 40C on Wednesday), but I hated feeling like that.

On Thursday I did 5k on the treadmill but it was a real struggle. The treadmill I usually use was being used by someone else and I just wasn’t comfortable on the one I was on. I thought about stopping at 3k and again as I approached 4k. I did the whole 5k but it seemed to take forever that morning. I still did it in under 49 minutes but it seemed like I would never get there.

I called the Shangri-La to reserve a space on Friday’s spin class and was told that the time had changed to 7pm. I thought that was a bit too late because by the time I got home it would be 8pm and I was sure we’d go out that evening, and so on. I asked them to email me their class schedule for May – there were a lot more classes listed than the April schedule, including a Saturday morning spin class at 11am. I decided I’d take Friday off and go to the spin class on Saturday morning. 

On Saturday morning I walked over to the Shangri-La – it’s a 3-minute walk but I could feel the sun burning my skin in that short time! I went up to the gym and told them I’d booked a space on the spin class. The two women looked at each other and said they didn’t have a spin class on Saturdays. I told them that the person I spoke to on the phone should have told me that when I called – and why had it been added to the timetable if it wasn’t going to happen? They apologised and the receptionist suggested that as I’d already come all the way there (I didn’t tell her I live next door) why didn’t I use their gym facilities to do my own workout? I didn’t have my iPod with me so I was a bit hesitant. She gave me headphones, a towel and a bottle of water – so I did my 5k on the treadmill at the gym there. The gym is obviously much better maintained than the one in my building – there are eight treadmills, two cross-trainers and triple the amount of weights machines than the gym in my building. I plugged the headphones into the treadmill, selected MTV and got started. All the treadmills face the windows – towards the back of the building. The view was disappointing – all I could see was an empty tennis court and the car park. D-U-L-L. A few minutes later a shirtless man came on to the tennis court and started practising his serve. Things were looking up… He was there the whole time I was on the treadmill. When I was done I headed home – not an entirely wasted walk to the hotel!

Low point of the week? Not being able to exercise for those couple of days I couldn’t get my hair wet.

High point of the week? Taking those couple of days off at the beginning of the week has done my left knee some good. Over the last few weeks it had started to ache and nothing seemed to help it. Rama suggested I ice it after each session but by the time I’d get home, I’d forget to do it. This week it hasn’t hurt when I’ve moved from standing to sitting or the other way round. 

Weight loss? I lost the 0.5 kg I put on last week in spite of working out only 4 days this week. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed something really strange. I weigh less on the mornings when I’ve been out eating and drinking the night before. Perhaps I should go out more? 


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