Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

A mixed week, I think. Drama at home with Joy, lots of work to do, spending time with my grandmother…

I had my usual session with Rama on Sunday morning. I had wanted to spend the afternoon at the pool but we’d been invited to my cousin’s place in The Lakes for tea. We left home at 4pm and went to my aunt and uncle’s place in Marina. From there, we followed them to The Lakes where their son and daughter-in-law live. We had tea and snacks and were told that we then had to go to their daughter’s house in Emirates Hills. We got back in the two cars and followed them to Emirates Hills. We were there for about half an hour and then my aunt and uncle said they wanted my grandmother to see their flat in Marina. So we got back into the two cars and followed them to their flat. It was a long afternoon and it was 8pm by the time we got home. 

I had yoga on Monday and settled down to do some work after lunch. My mum and grandmother were out for tea again. They asked if I wanted to join them but I said I’d already been to three teas on Sunday and that was my quota for the week! By 4.30 I decided I’d proofread by the pool for an hour or so. 

On Tuesday afternoon I met a friend for coffee – we went to the Gloria Jean’s on Sheikh Zayed Road. I got home, sat at my desk for about 15 minutes and decided I’d rather work outside by the pool. I feel I should make the most of it before it gets too hot to sit outdoors at all!

I had another session with Rama on Wednesday. After that, my mum, grandmother and I decided we’d go to the Dubai Mall for lunch. We ate at Vapiano – I’d never been there before and the portions were huge. I had the tagliatelle with salmon, my mum and grandmother shared a fusilli with mushrooms and a quatro formaggi pizza, and the three of us shared a Greek salad. I could have eaten just the salad for lunch and that would have been enough for me. We walked around for a while. I tried on a couple of dresses but didn’t buy anything. It’s frustrating that nothing fits even after losing almost 15 kg. It makes no sense to me. We ended up having coffee at Gloria Jean’s and were home by 5pm. As I’d been out all day I settled down to some work and didn’t finish until 2am. 

I was home most of Thursday, apart from going to the gym and down to the pool in the afternoon. That evening we decided we’d go out for dinner. Mum wanted to go to Bikanervala in Karama. I hated it. It really was not my idea of going out for dinner. It was more like going to a crowded staff canteen with screaming children running around. You order your food at the main counter and then collect it from different sections, depending on what you ordered. Never again.

On Friday we went to Thai Chi at Wafi Pyramids for lunch. I’d been there once before, back in February, and the food was really good. What we didn’t know is that they instead of their regular menu for lunch, they have a buffet. It wasn’t bad – there was a large vegetarian selection for my grandmother – but their a la carte menu is much better. 

That evening my parents and I went to an engagement party. I didn’t know the couple who were engaged, just the parents of the groom-to-be, and I didn’t know many people there either. Luckily, a friend and his wife showed up, and we decided to leave a short while later. There were over 100 people at the party so they didn’t notice us slip out. On the way back home, we decided to stop somewhere for dinner and ended up at Japengo Cafe at the Palm Strip Mall. I’d seen one at the Dubai Mall but had never eaten there. It was very casual and we were extremely overdressed, but nobody seemed to bat an eyelid. I couldn’t decide between the Lebanese shish taouk and the Iranian koobideh. My friend and I decided to share one of each and his wife ordered some houmous and fatoush. I was home before midnight.

I went to the gym on Saturday morning and spent the afternoon at the pool with my book. Several people had the same idea – at one point there were 12 kids in the pool playing ‘Marco Polo’. It reminded me of being a kid in Lagos in the early 1980s and spending Sundays at the Ikoyi Club… And just as I was remembering that ‘All Night Long’ started playing on my iPod, which also reminds me of that time. Synchronicity.

And that’s another week gone! I love my life. 

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