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I thought Dubai was bad but the mistakes I’ve seen here in Bali are quite something! There was a mistake on the immigration form but I couldn’t take a photo of it – I’ll try to when I come back from Phuket next month. I haven’t seen a newspaper here but here’s a selection of mistakes in menus I’ve spotted! Can you find them?

Our first night – at Bumbu Bali:


Our second night – at Furama:


Our third night – at Uno:


Our fourth night – at La Scala – and this did make me laugh out loud!



It should, of course, be martini…


It’s garupa in Indonesian, or grouper in English:


Yes, it should say rice, not ‘price’!


I think this is a translation thing because I’ve seen it in several places. There’s no need to put an of there:


It should be Cordon Bleu… and I think they mean breadcrumbed or breaded


To see more mistakes, click here.

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