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Before we got to Bali I wondered whether the Temple Hill complex had a gym which they’d just forgotten to mention on their website. It turned out there wasn’t a gym on the property.

On Sunday evening the receptionist sent me a brochure for a gym which was a 5-minute drive away. It was called Body Star Fitness Centre. The brochure was in Indonesian but I could make out the cost per month ($20) and what they offered. I wasn’t planning on doing anything on Sunday itself apart from unpacking and sitting by the pool – I hadn’t slept on the flight the night before and managed an hour on the flight from Singapore to Bali.

On Monday morning I asked the receptionist if there was a car free to take me to the gym. She said that there was a gym closer by which she recommended as Body Star was more for the locals. So why didn’t she tell me that the day before? She spoke to someone at Karma Spa and told them I was on my way there. I got in the car and as soon as we left I saw the sign for the spa. It was literally across the road. But instead of dropping me at the spa, Ranuh (the driver) took me all the way down to the main reception area of Karma Hotel. He asked if he should wait for me but I told him I’d walk back. One of the receptionists took me to the spa in a buggy, and showed me the way out to the main road (and our villa) on our way to the spa. The receptionist was helpful – I told her I was going to be in Jimbaran for a month and wanted to use their gym. She spoke to her manager and came back to me with a fee of $150 per month, $10 per day, or if I booked a spa treatment I could use the gym for free. I didn’t want to commit to the month without having checked out the other gym so I told her I’d just use it for that day and get back to her.

The gym at Karma Spa is tiny, less than half the size of the gym in Dubai. And it was quite dark too. It had one treadmill, one cross-trainer, one bike, various weights machines, a Swiss ball, kettlebells, and some free weights. Towels and bottled water were also available. When I got there there was already someone on the treadmill so I started with my warm-up on the cross-trainer. Luckily by the time I’d finished the guy on the treadmill had left. So I moved over to the treadmill, did my 3k walk/run and then did some abs and lower body exercises on a mat. 


I walked back to our villa – it took 5 minutes and it was all uphill. 

That afternoon I went to check out Body Star. It was quite empty at 3pm – there were two people working out. There was one treadmill, several bikes, two rowing machines, a stepping machine, weights machines and free weights. Towels could be hired and water could be bought. There were aerobics classes four times a week (free to members) and yoga twice ($3 per class, $4 for non-members). The drawback? No air-conditioning, although there were huge windows all the way down the gym and there was a strong breeze. I decided to join.


On Tuesday morning Darta (another driver) dropped me off at the gym just before 11am. There was one other guy there. I managed just 2k on the treadmill that day – it was so hot in the gym. I don’t think the breeze extends to the corner where the treadmill is placed! To make up for doing just 2k on the treadmill I did 5k on the bike as well. I then did some weights and lower body exercises on a mat. By the time I left at noon, there was one woman on the treadmill and three guys in the weights area. 

I had an early start on Wednesday as I was starting my PADI Open Water course. The driver from YOS Marine Adventures picked me up at 9am and when we drove past the gym the cark park was full. I thought about going to the gym after my diving course as my parents were out but I was tired and my throat was feeling a bit scratchy.

To cut a long story short, I got sick and didn’t do anything for the rest of the week. I even had to postpone the rest of my diving course. I’d been looking forward to it for ages!

Low point of the week? Getting sick and not doing very much at all. Not eating very well – I had a croissant and French fries on Saturday… 

High point of the week? Finding a gym in Bali. At least starting my diving course… 

Weight loss? No idea – I probably won’t weigh myself until I get back to Dubai!


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