Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

More eating and drinking this week, not to mention a heavy weekend in Phuket which consisted mainly of vodka and Patron (not good at all)!

I went to the gym on Monday but I just wasn’t in the mood to do very much. I did 1k on the rowing machine, 5k on the bike and 1k on the treadmill. The gym really needs to get another treadmill – there’s always someone using it when I get there. I thought it would be quieter at 10am on a Monday morning but I was wrong.

On Tuesday I went diving at Tulamben and on Wednesday I went white water rafting in Ubud. Now that was a workout! I thought my arms would get a workout from paddling for two hours, but it was the 600 steps into the valley and 200 steps uphill at the end of it that made my legs sore for a couple of days. The 200 uphill steps were quite high so I felt like I’d done lunges by the end of it! It was brilliant fun though.

I was too tired on Thursday to do much and on Friday I flew to Phuket for a friend’s wedding. I ate junk during the day and drank for three nights. I was exhausted by the end of it.

Low points? Still eating bread (and rubbish in general). I need to stop that now.

High points? The diving was amazing, the white water rafting was exhilarating, and Phuket was a blast. There were many people there I hadn’t seen in almost a year and they all commented on my weight loss. I never get tired of hearing that!


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