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Your destiny lies in your own hands

I can’t believe I spent 7 weeks in Bali – the last 2 weeks we were there just flew by!

I woke up on Sunday feeling much better than I did the day before. While we were having breakfast, our butler Sucipta suggested we go to Echo Beach for lunch. My sister and I had passed a sign for Echo Beach on our way back from Tanah Lot – it sounded familiar to me because we had considered renting a villa there for part of our time in Bali. Sucipta also suggested having a look at the Canggu Club which was on the way. So we took his advice and left home at about 1pm.

It took about 15 minutes to get to the Canggu Club, a private members club – and it was definitely worth visiting. I asked the receptionist if we could have a quick look around as we were considering membership. As it was Sunday there were quite a few people around (mostly expats), and there was a game of cricket being played on one of the lawns. It was very colonial – it reminded me of the Ikoyi Club in Lagos when we were growing up – we spent our Sundays at the pool and eating suya. The Canggu Club also has villas available for rent so I’m going to suggest that the next time we go to Bali! It was really lovely.

Echo Beach was about 10 minutes away from Canggu. We walked up to the beach and chose a restaurant – there were several in a row. We went to one called… Echo Beach!


I had the warm goat’s cheese salad to start with and pasta for my main course. They did have a big selection of barbecued seafood but after feeling so ill the day before I didn’t want to risk it. Mum ordered the snapper and Dad ordered a tuna steak. My food was great. Dad ended up sending his tuna steak back to the kitchen because… they’d forgotten to cook it! It was covered in the sauce but was ice cold. He was so upset. Mum and I looked at each other and burst out laughing as these things only ever seem to happen to him! The staff were very apologetic and brought him a new (cooked) one.

It was an overcast day and there were several surfers in the water.


The sun did try to come out from time to time.


Next to the strip of restaurants was a small temple. Mum and I walked over to have a look.


That evening I had a massage and then Harry came over and we went to Potato Head Beach Club for a drink before dinner.


We didn’t want to have dinner there and ended up at Rumours – on Jl. Kayu Aya, a few doors down from Trattoria. The music was loud and it was too noisy to talk in there. I ordered the Indonesian beef curry but the waitress told me they’d run out. I asked about the Indonesian chicken curry but they didn’t have that either. I ended up ordering a burger and not eating the bread. I wouldn’t go back there for dinner – but I would for drinks and a game of pool.

On Monday my parents were out running some errands so I had the place to myself. I sat by the pool and read my book. That night we went to Bali Nikmat in Kuta for dinner. The family had been there while I was in Phuket and had enjoyed it. The food was amazing – much better than Furama! Dad and I shared a hot and sour soup, and we had the chicken with dried chillies and black pepper beef. I thought the chicken was a bit too sweet but the beef was excellent.

On Tuesday my parents had more things to do so I sat by the pool and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Once they were back Mum and I went to Kuta Square to check out some of the sports shops. I’d been want
ing to get a new pair of running shoes but hadn’t seen anything I liked. The selection in each store was useless and the staff were no better. If I asked to see something in my size, they would bring me something two sizes smaller (or bigger) as they didn’t have my size. It was annoying and I soon gave up. I have little patience for shopping as it is! I went home and had a massage to relieve me of the stressful afternoon I’d had.

That night we went to Chat Cafe on Jl. Sunset Road for dinner. We’d driven past it so many times and wanted to try it. It turned out to be just OK – I don’t think I’d go back again although my pizza wasn’t bad.


When we finished dinner we decided to walk home. The usually busy streets were deserted due to the Galungan ceremony/holiday that was taking place the following day.


We stopped at a bookshop (I didn’t buy anything) and continued walking to Jl. Raya Seminyak where we stopped for ice cream and looked at a few shops. It would have taken us about 15 minutes to get home so we got into a cab. I finished packing and went to sleep.

On Wednesday morning I was picked up at 6.30  for my trip to Komodo. I got back on Friday morning in time for breakfast! We had lunch at Menega Cafe in Jimbaran – I wanted to go before we left. The food there is just out of this world.


After lunch Mum and I went to Jl. Raya Seminyak to do some shopping. I picked up a couple of dresses and then rushed home. After trekking in Komodo my legs had been aching so I booked a massage for Friday evening. That night Dad said he wanted to have Chinese food, so we went back to Bali Nikmat. The food was still great.

I was up early on Saturday so decided to do some work before breakfast. I sunbathed, swam and then Mum and I went to Trattoria for lunch. I think I’d been there six times this holiday! After lunch we went to Discovery Mall in Kuta. I was still looking for new running shoes and flip-flops and Mum needed a couple of things too. I managed to find a pair of trainers I liked at Nike and the staff were more helpful than they were at Kuta Square (but that’s not difficult). The flip-flops I liked weren’t available in my size but I’m sure I can find a pair when I’m back in Dubai. On our way home we stopped at Gloria Jean’s Coffee. Apparently there are three in Bali, but I’ve only seen two so far.

Back at the villa I had another massage (wow, that’s four this week!) and then did some packing. Harry came over and we went to Warisan on Jl. Raya Kerobokan for dinner. What a beautiful restaurant!


And the food was so good. I had the lobster ravioli to start followed by a steak (well, it was our last night there!). I skipped dessert!


There were some musicians there too – a guitarist called Lianto and a vocalist who was his daughter. They were both brilliant and it turned out that Harry knew them so they came to meet us when they were finished. It was a lovely last evening in Bali.

I love my life.

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