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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Wow, my last few days in Bali just flew by…

My parents and I left Bali on Sunday morning. We left the villa at 6am, before the sun had risen. It didn’t take long to get to the airport. Harry, his son and his mum met us there to say goodbye to us. He came in with us as we had so much luggage (eight pieces between us) and he had tried to arrange an excess luggage allowance for us. After we had checked in (which took forever) we said goodbye to Harry and went through passport control. Mum went to Gucci and Dad and I went to get coffee and something to eat. We ended up sitting in a cafe and chatting to an Australian couple on the next table. They lived in Bali – he was a Reiki master and she was in property. They were doing their visa run to Singapore and coming back the following day. They had to do this every couple of months. What a drag! Our flight was called then so we rushed off and met Mum at the gate.

The flight to Singapore was uneventful and we were in transit for just over an hour. As we were waiting at the departure gate, I suddenly thought of someone I knew (but not very well at all – we aren’t even in touch). She lives in Lagos but is originally from Singapore – and 5 minutes after her popping into my head, she walked into the departure lounge with her kids. Ha – I should have known! Coincidences like that used to happen to me a lot, but not so much in recent months.

The flight back to Dubai was turbulent. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. We eventually landed at 4pm and by the time we got home, I was shattered.

We opened the front door and were greeted by really dusty floors in the flat… On closer inspection, what seemed to be little black ‘things’ turned out to be the corpses of tiny flies. They were in every room, and only on the floor. We couldn’t figure out where they’d come in from. Luckily Mum had booked a maid for that evening to clean the rooms and change our sheets so they were all swept up. We were supposed to have dinner at my cousin’s place that evening but my parents went without me – I couldn’t keep my eyes open and had passed out by 9.30.

I woke up almost 12 hours later and couldn’t remember where I was! I unpacked that morning, taking the opportunity to clear out all the clothes that didn’t fit me any more (too big, yay!). I settled down to do some work and didn’t leave the flat until Tuesday night.

We went to Wafi Gourmet at the Dubai Mall for dinner on Tuesday. We hadn’t had Lebanese food in so long! I’d also forgotten how crowded the mall can get in the evening. There were people everywhere.

I had a session with Rama on Wednesday, after almost 2 months. That afternoon I went for a much-needed manicure and pedicure, especially after the trekking in Komodo. When I was done I finally felt human again! I met up with a friend at Zuma that night. We didn’t have a reservation and luckily got a table at the bar. It was packed. It may as well have been the weekend. Perhaps Wednesday is the new Thursday? The music was great, we had a few drinks, a couple of bar snacks and left just before 1am. It was a fun evening…

Thursday was not a fun morning. I could have done without that last vodka cranberry. I’ll have to remember that next time. I did a bit of work on Thursday afternoon and then met a friend for coffee at Tim Horton’s in the Dubai Mall. We hadn’t met since November so it was good to see her. I rushed home after that as I was meeting a couple of friends for drinks and then going on to a party for my friends who got married in Phuket.

I met the girls at Vintage in Wafi – they had a two-for-one offer on bottles of wine so we ordered two bottles of the Chenin Blanc and a cheese fondue. I was having such a laugh with them I really didn’t want to leave and go to the other party, but I’d told my cousin I’d pick her up on the way and really had to go. It was actually fun – and I didn’t get home until 4am.

Friday morning was painful. I stayed home all day and after lunch I started working and continued until midnight. I had so much to catch up on. I made it to the gym on Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day working. It was just what I needed to do – two solid days of focusing on work to get me back on track!

I love my life.

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