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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Sunday morning’s session with Rama was tough – I did my usual 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer while we chatted about the weekend. He told me our session would be sweaty!

The circuit consisted of:

  • Running on the treadmill x 400m
  • Push-ups x 2 minutes
  • Squats x 2 minutes
  • Crunches x 2 minutes
  • Burpees x 2 minutes

It was sweaty. And it was tough. I ran at a speed of 8.6 km/h for the whole 400m and finished in less than 3 minutes. The squats weren’t too bad, and even though I hate burpees they weren’t as tough as the push-ups. I suppose a push-up uses isolated muscles rather than the whole body – and 2 minutes is a long time! Until then I’d done intervals of 30 seconds or 1 minute and I really felt the difference.

After I had a rest, I did the circuit again. My run started at the same speed as the first one but after 200m I had to decrease the speed a bit – I still managed to finish in under 3 minutes. I hoped there wasn’t going to be a third round because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it! Thankfully there wasn’t a third round but Rama gave me a choice of what I could do next. I had to do one of the following:

  • Run on the treadmill x 400m (I immediately said no, but Rama laughed and told me to wait for the other options, knowing I would hate them just as much)
  • Push-ups x 2 minutes
  • Squats combined with burpees x 3 minutes

Good grief.

‘What are you thinking of doing?’ Rama asked.

‘I’m thinking of going home,’ I replied.

‘What do you think I’d want you to do?’ he asked.

‘You’d want me to do the run.’

I was right.

I did the run. It was tough. And it took me longer. And I just missed the 3-minute mark. I finished at 3:01.

I did some lower body exercises after that and two sets of abs exercises and I was done for the day.

I had my usual yoga class on Monday and went back to the gym on Tuesday. I did 3k in 24:43 – my best time yet. I alternated running with walking, varying the time – sometimes it was 30 seconds, sometimes it was 1 minute. But I beat my time of 24:59 from the week before. I did two sets of lower body exercises after that and went home.

My session with Rama on Wednesday was the same as the one I’d had the previous Wednesday. Three different circuits, three sets of each circuit.

After my warm-up on the cross-trainer, I started on the first circuit:

  • Squats holding a 3-kg weight in one hand extended over my head x 10 on each side
  • Jumping from side to side with my feet together x 20
  • Lunges with 3-kg weights x 10 on each side
  • Alternating split lunges x 20
  • Rest

The second circuit consisted of:

  • Treadmill – alternating 30 seconds of running/rest (at an incline of 3.0) for 3 minutes
  • Upright row with a 10-lb weight x 5 on each side
  • Lateral raises with 3-kg weights x 10
  • Push-ups with 3-kg weights x 10
  • Rest

The third circuit was:

  • Dead lift combined with an upright row and calf raises using a 10-lb weight x 5 on each side
  • Overhead press with 3-kg weights x 20, alternating sides (but it was 3 lbs the week before!)
  • Squat jumps x 10
  • Burpees x 10
  • Rest

The third circuit finished me off like last time – I hate burpees. Apart from being completely exhausting, I worry about my knees and have to use my own mat plus the gym mat under my knees for extra cushioning. I’d also noticed that my left ankle/lower shin area had been aching a bit over the last few days and Rama told me to take it a little easier the following day and to use the cross-trainer or bike instead of the treadmill. I suspect it’s from an ankle injury which happened 6 years ago (I severely sprained it while on my lunch break one day and it took forever to heal).

So on Thursday I did 3k on the cross-trainer, just to give my knees and ankle a break from the treadmill. I also did some lower body exercises and was done for the day.

I decided to take Friday off and in the end took Saturday off too! I thought I’d give my knees a break…

Low point of the week? Feeling lazy over the weekend. This will not do if I’m going to crush TM in April next year.

High point of the week? Seeing an improvement in my 3k time!

Weight loss? Thankfully I’ve lost the 1 kg I put on last week, but these last few kilos are taking forever to come off.


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