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Your destiny lies in your own hands

It was a long weekend here in Dubai and Sunday was a holiday. Rama had said he’d be working but when I didn’t hear from him on Saturday evening I assumed we weren’t having a session. He sent me a message on Sunday morning to apologise and tell me he’d lost track of the days (Thursday had been a holiday too). I told him it was fine and was also recovering from several late nights myself! We decided to stick to our usual Wednesday session.

I went to the gym anyway – I did 1 minute on the treadmill and decided my knee was in too much pain to continue. I hadn’t even started running at that point. I spent 30 minutes on the cross-trainer instead – I figured it would have less impact on my joints. I managed 4.05km in 30 minutes.

I didn’t work out on Monday or Tuesday – my knee was still aching and I hoped 2 days of complete rest would sort it out once and for all.

On Wednesday my knee was still aching so I started my session with Rama with 5 minutes on the bike to loosen it up, followed by 5 minutes on the cross-trainer as a warm-up. We then spent the rest of the session focusing on my upper body and abs – to give my knee a rest. It was a good session – and probably not a bad idea every once in a while.

I decided I’d take it easy the rest of the week and didn’t go to the gym at all.

On Saturday night I expected a message from Rama telling me what time to expect him the following morning. Instead I got a message telling me that he was leaving Dubai the following week and that he’d given my number to a great trainer who would get in touch with me. I’d known this day would come for a few months now. In fact, when I went to Bali I wasn’t sure whether Rama would still be in Dubai when I got back. In spite of knowing he’d be leaving, I was still gutted. He’s an amazing trainer (I am proof of that!) but this is what he really wants to do:

Low points of the week? My aching knee, and of course Rama leaving.

High points of the week? Meeting a friend for dinner on Thursday night for the first time since January. ‘Where’s the rest of you??’ he asked.

Weight loss? None – I’m still at 19 kg. I can live with that for now!

Read more updates here.

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