Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I had my second session with Randy, my new trainer, on Sunday morning.

I started off with a 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer while he set up the equipment I was going to use.

The first circuit consisted of:

  • Chest fly with resistance bands x 15
  • Chest press with resistance bands x 15
  • Alternating lunges x 12 on each side
  • Dumbbell military press with 3-kg weights x 20
  • Plank knee to opposite elbow x 15 on each side

I did that circuit three times followed by 3 minutes on the cross-trainer.

The second circuit consisted of:

  • Crawl-outs x 10 (similar to bear crawl but you move your arms forwards and backwards without moving your feet)
  • Squats x 20
  • Burpees x 10

I did that circuit three times followed by another 3 minutes on the cross-trainer. And then I was done. It doesn’t sound like much but each circuit took me a while to get through. In the first circuit I found the military press the hardest, even harder than the lunges. In the second set, the crawl-outs were tougher than the burpees. I was glad when the session was over.

I didn’t work out the rest of the week. I told Randy I couldn’t do Wednesday as I was bound to have a late night on Tuesday. In reality, I could have had a later session on Wednesday or even one on Thursday but I was unmotivated and feeling blah in general. I’m aware that exercise usually makes me feel better when I’m down but getting to the gym is the hardest part. Every night I’d tell myself I’d go the following day but when morning came I just didn’t feel like it. I’m hoping that’s over now.

Low point of the week? Only working out once all week and not being very motivated.

High point of the week? I don’t think there were any!

Weight loss? I’m 0.4 kg away from my 20-kg total!


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