Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I woke up in the early hours of Sunday with a really bad pain in my left knee. I don’t know what happened – perhaps I was in an awkward position – but I could barely move my leg. The pain eventually subsided and I fell asleep again. When I woke up it seemed OK, I just had some slight pain in my right knee – is this what old age is??

I had a session with Randy on Sunday morning. I started with my usual 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer and then we went outside for the first circuit. He’d brought a skipping rope and an 8-kg sandbag with him.

The circuit consisted of:

  • Skipping x 1 minute
  • Sandbag squat with a horizontal throw and a burpee x 8
  • Military press with the sandbag x 15
  • Knee to opposite elbow x 20

I did that circuit three times but told Randy that I could feel a niggling pain in my right knee while skipping.

We went back into the gym and I did 3 minutes on the cross-trainer.

The second circuit consisted of:

  • Lateral pulldowns x 15
  • Single-hand deadlift x 15
  • Reverse crunches on a bench x 20

After three sets of that I did another 3 minutes on the cross-trainer.

The third circuit consisted of:

  • Hip extensions x 20 on each side
  • Tricep extensions x 15
  • Boat pose (or something similar) x 30 seconds

After that there was some stretching and I was done for the day.

I had yoga on Monday but that was all I did that week. I left for Singapore on Monday night and didn’t think I’d have time to do any exercise while I was there.

High point of the week? All the relatives I met in Singapore telling me how good I looked – I hadn’t seen some of them in a few years so they really noticed the change!

Low points of the week? Eating far too much in Singapore – I indulged in whatever I wanted because I knew I was only there for a few days on holiday. Also, I can’t believe I never noticed that I come from a long line of over-eaters!

Weight loss? Well, no. Actually a weight gain of 0.5 kg while I was in Singapore – but I’m sure I can lose that in a couple of days!


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