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I woke up on Sunday and my left knee was a little sore. I couldn’t understand why because it was fine all week, and I even did three cardio sessions on my own without any problems. I told Randy before my session began that my knee was playing up again. He said to see how it felt during our session – and also to run/walk at a slight incline when I’m on the treadmill on my own.

I started with my usual 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer and then did the following circuit three times (with a rest between sets):

  • Seated row x 20
  • The ladder x 6 lengths (stepping in and out in one direction, jumping in and out in the other – but by the last set I was stepping in and out in both directions because of my sore knee)
  • Combined dumbbell lateral raise/front raise (3-lb weights) x 10
  • Sit-ups x 20 (holding a 10-lb weight for the second and third sets)
  • Plank x 45 seconds

I did another 3 minutes on the cross-trainer and did the next circuit three times (with a rest between circuits):

  • Tricep extensions x 15
  • Abdominal leg raises x 15
  • Push-ups x 10 (Randy made me lower myself until my chest was on the floor and then push myself up from that position – tough!)
  • Single-leg pelvic lifts x 10 on each side (these were painful)

I then did some stretching and I was done!

I woke up on Monday with sore hamstrings, sore triceps, sore shoulders, and a sore left knee. Randy had told me when I was on the treadmill to use a slight incline as that might help the pain in my knees. I went to the gym and did 5 km on the treadmill (46:08; incline 0.5). I didn’t run at all, I started walking at 6.3 kph and then gradually increased it so that at the end I was walking (fast) at 6.9 kph.

I didn’t have a session with Randy on Wednesday but went to the gym on my own. I did 3 km in 25:24 (alternating walking and running). My knee seemed fine while I was on the treadmill, but it’s only after I’ve worked out that it starts to ache a bit.

I didn’t go back to the gym for the rest of the week – I had a heavy weekend and I my knee didn’t feel great. I think wearing heels two nights in a row isn’t very good for me!

Low point of the week? My sore left knee. Also, eating (and drinking) really badly over the weekend – loads of wine and champagne on Friday and Saturday nights, McDonald’s for dinner on Saturday night!

High point of the week? Going to the gym on my own twice – I need to start getting back into my old routine.

Weight loss? I actually made it down to 69.5 kg on Friday (but didn’t really feel it) but was back up to 70 kg again on Saturday!


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3 thoughts on “The final few

  1. The problem with your knee might be caused by your hips. It might be an idea to work on your Quadratus Lumborum (QL muscle) to stop it from pulling your hip on the left side, this might stop the pain in your knee.

    1. nectar1269 says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll speak to my trainer about it…

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