Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

This week was crazy busy.

I started with my usual session with Randy on Sunday morning. I spent the rest of the afternoon working as I wanted to get as much done as possible.

Tarek Yamani was playing at The Fridge again on Monday evening and I went to see him with a couple of friends. I thought he was brilliant the last time I saw him. I was a bit disappointed this time round as most of the music he played was the same as his concert earlier in the year. What he did do which was different was that he asked four people in the audience to name a note and he would compose something right there incorporating all four notes in the order they were given to him. Genius. I wish I could do things like that!

On Tuesday I had a piano lesson in the afternoon. I also did all my Patchi shopping for my London trip – whenever I go to London, half my suitcase is filled with chocolate for friends!

That night I met up with some friends at Double Decker at the Al Murooj Rotana opposite the Dubai Mall. We had a few drinks there and ended up at Crystal at the Raffles Hotel. I didn’t want a very late night but ended up getting home after 3am! My session with Randy the following morning was painful, I can tell you.

I started packing on Wednesday and met up with a friend for dinner at Karma Kafe. I didn’t think we’d have a very late night – we met at 9pm for dinner, but went to the bar afterwards where we got to talking to a couple of people, and before we knew it, it was 2am!

I felt really awful on Thursday – I just can’t do two nights in a row any more! I spent most of Thursday preparing for my London trip (packing, waxing, mani/pedi, blowdry) and finishing off some work. I thought about going out for a drink that evening but was really too tired and had to be up early on Friday morning.

I left for the airport at 8am on Friday. Halfway there I realised I’d left my book at home. I was more than halfway through Jhumpa Lahiri’s new book The Lowland and couldn’t believe I’d left it behind. The other book I’d taken with me was packed in the middle of my suitcase so I really had nothing to read on the flight! I browsed in the book section at the airport but nothing really appealed to me. Oh well, c’est la vie. The flight was uneventful – the screen in front of me wasn’t working but I was too lazy to move to another seat (the flight was almost empty) so I just listened to my iPod until I fell asleep, just waiting to land in London!

I love my life.

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