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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Sunday was a holiday but Trevor had told me we’d have our session as usual. I got to the gym and started my warm-up on the cross-trainer. After I’d done 5 minutes, Trevor still wasn’t there so I did another 5 minutes. After that I texted him to find out if he was on his way and while I was waiting for him to respond I started walking on the treadmill. After a few minutes of walking I still hadn’t heard from him so I called him. No answer. That was irritating. If he’d decided to take the day off shouldn’t he have let me know? I ended up spending 20 minutes on the treadmill and then decided to go home. So I still did something for 30 minutes in total.

On Monday he sent me a message asking whether I’d called him. I told him I’d been expecting him at the gym the day before. He then sent me a screen grab of his message to me from the day before. Why didn’t I get it?? I wonder how many other text messages I’m not getting?

I went back to the gym on Monday but again just did 3 km on the treadmill.

I did the full 20/20/20 workout on Wednesday morning.

I was supposed to have a session with Trevor on Thursday morning but we’d both been to see Kings of Leon the night before and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind skipping our session. I think he was quite relieved!

I thought I’d work out again over the weekend but that didn’t happen!

Low point of the week? I ate badly this week. After days of not eating bread I caved and had McDonald’s for lunch one day and pizza for dinner on Friday night.

High point of the week?

Weight loss? None.


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4 thoughts on “The final few

  1. Looking at the positive, at least you didn’t just go home when he didn’t turn up but got a quick workout in 🙂

    1. nectar1269 says:

      Yes! And if I’d had my iPod I’d have stayed even longer. Exercise without music is torture for me…

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