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This post covers two weeks…

I had my usual Sunday morning session with Trevor on 1st June. After my 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer he told me to get on the treadmill. I did 8 minutes in total:

  • Walking x 1 min (5 km/h)
  • Walking x 1 min (5 km/h 5% incline)
  • Jogging x 1 min (7 km/h 5% incline)
  • Walking x 1 min (5 km/h 5% incline)
  • Jogging x 1 min (7 km/h 5% incline)
  • Walking x 1 min (5 km/h 5% incline)
  • Jogging x 1 min (7 km/h 5% incline)
  • Walking x 1 min (5 km/h)

I then used a medicine ball to do the following abs circuit:

With the last exercise Trevor was sitting at one of my sides and would throw the medicine ball to me and I’d have to throw it back, mimicking the Russian twist movement (does that make any sense?). After the abs circuit, I went back on the treadmill to do the 8-minute walking/jogging circuit again.

In the second abs circuit I did the same exercises but this time with 15 on each side (apart from the third exercise where I roll the medicine ball behind me and back to Trevor). I got on the treadmill a third time for 8 minutes of walking/jogging and then did the same abs circuit – but with 20 reps on each side (again, apart from the third exercise where we just stuck to 10 on each side).

After that I did some stretching and I was done for the day.

On Monday and Wednesday I went to the gym on my own and did the 20/20/20 workout. I was supposed to have a session with Trevor on Thursday but had a really late night on Wednesday and ended up cancelling it.

I was away in Barcelona for the weekend – I left on Friday morning and got back late on Monday night. I did a lot of walking on Friday afternoon – I decided to walk from my hotel to Sagrada Familia which took about an hour (I’m so glad I decided to take my trainers!). The rest of the weekend was spent eating, drinking and dancing.

I was exhausted when I got back and could have slept for a week. On Tuesday and Wednesday I only left the house once to go to my piano lesson.

I had a session with Trevor on Thursday morning. After my 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer, I did the following circuit:

  • Combined squat/shoulder press (3-kg weights) x 15
  • Deadlifts (3-kg weights) x 15
  • Legs in/out x 10
  • Legs up/down x 10
  • Mountain climbers x 10 on each side
  • Walking lunges x 2 lengths
  • Treadmill x 3 min (5.5 km/h, 10% incline)

I then repeated the whole circuit but instead of going on the treadmill at the end I used the bike for 3 minutes with a resistance of 10.

We did a few rounds of boxing after that followed by 5 minutes on the cross-trainer at a resistance of 10.

And then I did an abs circuit:

  • Reverse crunches x 10
  • Toe touches x 10
  • Pendulum x 10 (5 on each side)
  • Plank x 30 seconds
  • Repeat

And then I did some stretching. The session seemed to go on forever!

Low point of the week? I ate really badly in Barcelona – and drank far too much.

High point of the week? The long walk in Barcelona was one of the highlights of my trip. The weather was just perfect and I’d forgotten what it was like to walk outdoors – the only places I walk here in Dubai are on the treadmill or at the mall.

Weight loss? None.


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