Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I had my usual session with Trevor on Sunday morning. I did my warm-up on the bike as one of the cross-trainers made a weird noise when I started using it and I really don’t like the other one. I did my warm-up at resistance 7 and then got on the treadmill. Trevor was going to show me a new circuit to do on my own between our sessions:

  • Treadmill – alternating between 5 km/h and 7 km/h every minute for 20 minutes at 4% incline

He told me to aim for 15 minutes and gradually increase it to 20 minutes over time. After the treadmill I would do the following circuit:

  • Bench step-ups x 20 (10 on each side – not alternating)
  • Dumbbell punches (3-kg weights) x 20
  • Bench squats x 20
  • Alternating lunges x 20 (10 on each side)
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Abs in and outs x 20

I thought it didn’t sound too bad until Trevor told me I’d do that circuit six times. SIX! Was he insane? Each time I did it I would reduce the number of reps by 2, so in the second round I’d do:

  • Bench step-ups x 18 (9 on each side)
  • Dumbbell punches (3-kg weights) x 18
  • Bench squats x 18
  • Alternating lunges x 18 (9 on each side)
  • Mountain climbers x 18
  • Abs in and outs x 18

And so on. Until I was doing just 10 reps. It was tough. I did the circuit twice but had no energy after that. Trevor said it would take a few weeks for me to be able to do six sets. He also said I’d get pretty bored of it!

After the second set I did some stretching and we were done.

I woke up on Monday with sore shoulders, quads and glutes. I also woke up sneezing and shivery so I spent most of the day in bed.

On Tuesday morning I had a yoga session. I was still sore from Sunday’s workout but I think the yoga helped.

On Wednesday morning I went to the gym on my own. Trevor had cancelled our session the night before so I thought I’d try and get through the new circuit. I did 5 minutes on the bike to warm up and then walked over to the treadmill. It wasn’t working. None of the treadmills were working. They were all plugged in, all switched on – I turned them off and on again and still nothing. I called building maintenance and it took them 15 minutes to realise that the fuse had to be reset (even though I suggested it when they go there). After 15 minutes on the treadmill I did two rounds of that hellish circuit, did some stretching and I was done. Baby steps and all that.

I did the same work-out on Thursday, and did two rounds of the circuit. I noticed that while I was doing the lunges, my left knee was starting to ache – not a lot, but it was noticeable. Ugh, not again!

I didn’t work out again over the weekend, but was pleased I’d done four sessions of some activity!

Low point of the week? Feeling that familiar ache in my knee.

High point of the week? Getting to the gym twice on my own between sessions with Trevor.

Weight loss? None!


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