Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I had my usual session with Trevor on Sunday morning. After my warm-up on the bike, I spent 12 minutes on the treadmill:

  • 1 min x 5 km
  • 2 min x 7 km
  • 1 min x 5 km (1% incline)
  • 2 min x 7 km (1% incline)
  • 1 min x 5 km (2% incline)
  • 2 min x 7 km (2% incline)
  • 1 min x 5 km (3% incline)
  • 2 min x 7 km (3% indline)

After that I did the following circuit:

  • Combined burpees/shoulder press (10-lb weights) x 10
  • Rest x 30 s
  • Treadmill (self-powered) x 1 min
  • Rest x 30 s
  • Spiderman plank (elbows on a bench) x 1 min
  • Rest x 30 s
  • Russian twists (3-kg weight) x 1 min
  • Rest x 1 min
  • Repeat two more times

After a longer rest (that self-powering treadmill exercise is a killer), I did this circuit:

  • Sumo squats (15-lb weight) x 15
  • Bent over row (15-lb weights) x 15
  • Combined deadlifts/upright row (10-lb weights) x 15
  • Combined forward lunge/lateral raise (3-kg weights) x 15

I did some stretching after that and was done for the day.

My cousin and I had our usual yoga class on Tuesday morning – our teacher showed up late and without deodorant again. But once we began the class I stopped noticing the smell.

I had another session with Trevor on Wednesday. After my 5-minute bike warm-up I did this circuit:

  • Walking lunges x 2 lengths of the gym
  • Combined bench squats/shoulder press (3-kg weights) x 10
  • Flutter kicks x 10
  • Leg scissors x 10
  • V-sit x 10 s
  • Abdominal in and outs x 10
  • Side hip raises x 10 (on each side)
  • Boxing
  • Treadmill (1 min 5 km, 3 min 7 km, 3% incline)

It doesn’t sound too bad, but the boxing and the treadmill were exhausting. Who knew I could even jog for 3 minutes in a row? After a rest and some water, I did the circuit again but made the following changes: during the walking lunges I used 3-kg weights; during the boxing I was pedalling on the bike and moving my arms up and down like a piston while boxing above me; and during the treadmill I was on a 5% incline.

I did some stretches after that and was done.

I didn’t work out again that week. I had friends in town and was out a lot!

Low point of the week? Eating and drinking a lot. More friends in town and an impromptu visit to Abu Dhabi to see Pharrell!

High point of the week? I can jog for 3 minutes on the treadmill!

Weight loss? None.

Keep going

Read more updates here.

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