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Yoga in Jamaica – July 2014

on January 13, 2015

In July 2014 I went to visit my brother and his family in Jamaica for a few weeks. While working at YogaLife magazine in early 2014, I met Chandra Winzenried and when I found out that she was hosting a yoga retreat in Ocho Rios which coincided perfectly with my dates, I decided to go.

Here is my review which was published in the October 2014 issue of YogaLife magazine.

YL20_RETREAT_Jamaica-page-001 YL20_RETREAT_Jamaica-page-002 YL20_RETREAT_Jamaica-page-003 YL20_RETREAT_Jamaica-page-004


8 responses to “Yoga in Jamaica – July 2014

  1. […] Wednesday afternoon, I met up with Chandra, a yoga teacher, for lunch at The Roseleaf Cafe at the Dubai Garden Centre for lunch. I’d only been there […]

  2. […] met a friend and yoga teacher – Chandra – for lunch on Thursday. We met at the Roseleaf Cafe (again). I had the spinach and egg white […]

  3. […] to visit my brother (S) and his family. I was in Kingston for most of the time, and also went on a yoga retreat near Ocho Rios for one […]

  4. […] We lazed around on Saturday and then popped in to see my aunt in the afternoon. She had some other friends over too and we had a few bottles of wine between us! S, T and I dropped Baby A back home and then went to Roe for dinner. To start with, we had fried crab sticks, a garden salad and shrimp gyoza; for our main course we shared the crispy tuna roll and pork ginger. I think there was one more roll, but I can’t remember what it was. I also had another glass of wine. We were home early and T and I sorted out our packing for the following day. We were driving to Old Fort Bay near Ocho Rios for a 3-day yoga retreat (the same one I went to the year before). […]

  5. […] were spending three nights at Old Fort Bay on a yoga retreat, the same one I did the year before. We were at Old Fort Bay Cottage by 2pm and were met with cold […]

  6. […] retreat with my sister-in-law (T). It was at Old Fort Bay near Ocho Rios, the same place I went to last year, so at least we were doing something then. Apart from T and I, there was just one other girl from […]

  7. […] going to a Sculpt Yoga class that evening. I had been wanting to meet up with Chandra (who runs the Jamaican yoga retreats) and she suggested joining her class at 7.30pm and then getting some food afterwards. I agreed […]

  8. […] Yoga class at Rawr Yoga in Media City. The class is run by Chandra, my friend who organises the Jamaican yoga retreats, so I went along and then the two of us had dinner together afterwards. We went to Circle Cafe in […]

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