Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I cancelled my Sunday morning session with Trevor as I was still unwell. I was better, but I didn’t think I’d be well enough for that! By Monday I was feeling a lot better, apart from a slight cough.

My cousin and I had yoga on Tuesday morning. The last class I’d had was at the end of November so I was expecting it to be tough. And I was right! But it felt good to be doing something.

On Wednesday morning I had a session with Trevor. It had been exactly a month since our last session – and I was still coughing a bit and I was also sore after my yoga session the day before. I did 5 minutes on the bike to warm up and then moved on to the treadmill for 15 minutes while Trevor told me about his trip to New York.

  • 5 km x 1 min
  • 5 km x 1 min (10% incline – just to warm me up properly)
  • 5 km x 1 min
  • 7 km x 1 min
  • 5 km x 1 min
  • 7 km x 1 min
  • Alternating between 5 km and 7 km each minute (no incline) up to 15 minutes

It wasn’t too bad. I had some water and did this circuit:

  • Squats x 20
  • Shoulder press (3-kg weights) x 20
  • Deadlifts (10-lb weights) x 20
  • Push-ups x 20
  • Bike x 4 min
  • Rest

I had some water and did another circuit:

  • Sumo squats (15-lb weight) x 20
  • Tricep dips x 20
  • Single-leg deadlifts (10-lb weight) x 20
  • Tricep extensions (3-kg weights) x 20
  • Bike x 4 min
  • Rest

I had some more water and did another circuit:

  • Combined squat/abductor raise x 20 (10 on each side)
  • Bent-over row (10-lb weights) x 20
  • Bench squats x 20
  • Mountain climbers x 20 (10 on each side)

I did some stretching after that and was done. By the end of the day I could feel my hamstrings and shoulders getting really sore and I knew I’d be in pain on Thursday!

I woke up on Thursday and took some Nurofen – that’s how much I ached! I didn’t work out again in the week. I’m feeling extremely unmotivated right now.  One good thing, I suppose, is that I haven’t had a drink since 2nd January – even though I was at La Petite Maison for dinner on Monday and was out for dinner on Saturday night…

Low point of the week? Feeling unmotivated and blah. And I still have a slight cough.

High point of the week? Trying to get back into a routine – and not drinking!

Weight loss? Ugh.

Tin man yoga

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