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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Another terrible week in terms of diet and exercise.

I didn’t have my session with Trevor on Sunday as I was going to a wedding reception the night before and knew it would be a late night. I was so exhausted from the wedding – I think it took me a week to recover. I couldn’t get out of bed to go to yoga at the Shangri-La on Monday, and when my cousin called me on Tuesday morning to say she couldn’t make our yoga class at home, I was so relieved.

I basically did nothing all week. I was slammed with work and had visitors in town as well – so I ate out a lot and on Friday I drank a lot.

Low point of the week? All of it! I have just given up. I can’t understand why I’m so unmotivated.

High point of the week? I don’t think I’ve eaten badly – and I’m still off the bread.

Weight loss? You can only imagine!

I need to sort myself out

I need to sort myself out

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