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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Well, after the last few weeks where I was consistently working out four or five times a week, this week I did nothing. Nothing.

I cancelled my Sunday morning session with Trevor as I was exhausted after the mad weekend I’d had. I thought I’d go to the gym on my own on Monday but I just couldn’t move. My cousin couldn’t make our yoga class on Tuesday so I cancelled it. I cancelled my Wednesday session with Trevor too, intending to go to the gym on my own later that day.

By Wednesday evening I decided that I was just going to take a week off. More importantly, I was going to take a week off and not feel bad about it. I’d worked hard for the last seven or eight weeks (not that it shows!) and maybe I just needed a break.

Even though I was so tired, the only nights I stayed in were Sunday and Thursday. I’d had dinners planned all week – French restaurants four times (the three main ingredients of French food are butter, butter and butter) and Zaatar w Zeit on Friday night (where I ate a lot of bread after a very long time).

Oh well, I fell off the wagon. But I’m ready to get back on it now.

Low point of the week? Not working out at all. Eating and drinking a lot.

High point of the week? It was nice to just take a break. I really needed it.

Weight loss? Let’s not talk about that this week!

2015-04-19 19.36.45

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