Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

It was a quiet week. I didn’t do very much at all. I visited Dad every afternoon/evening in the hospital until he came home on Wednesday afternoon.

I had a piano lesson on Monday afternoon. As usual, I hadn’t practised at all! I had yoga on Tuesday and Trevor on Wednesday and three workouts on my own in the week as well.

I went out for dinner on Thursday with some friends. I hadn’t been out in two weeks and I hadn’t had a drink in two weeks! Two of us started at The Agency – we had a glass of wine each. We then joined our two other friends at The Meat Co. It was really nice to see them all – it had been ages. We shared a couple of starters: salt and pepper calamari and the chilli prawns. We each ordered our own main course. And we had two bottles of the house wine. We had two Entertainer vouchers for the main courses and one Entertainer voucher for a complimentary bottle of wine, so we only paid for the starters, two main courses and one bottle of wine! It was only 10pm by the time we finished dinner so we walked back to The Agency and had another drink there. It was a really nice evening – I was home by midnight.

I spent the rest of the weekend at home with my parents, doing some work and reading.

I love my life.

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