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Your destiny lies in your own hands

I had a terrible week. I was so tired on Sunday after a really busy weekend (I’d been out for lunch and dinner every day since Thursday)… Pete texted me on Sunday evening to see if I was ready for some heavy lifting the following morning. I replied that I was!

But I woke up at about 6am on Monday feeling really queasy. I cancelled my session with Pete and by 9am it was clear to me that I had some king of tummy bug. It couldn’t have been anything I’d eaten as I had my meals at home on Sunday, so I asked some friends via WhatsApp if they knew if there was a tummy bug doing the rounds in Dubai. One friend replied that both her parents had had the same thing the week before and another friend replied saying she had the same symptoms. I guess the only consolation is that at least I knew the cook wasn’t trying to poison me. I could barely eat on Monday, I missed my Arabic class, I couldn’t focus on anything and I slept for 2 hours on Monday afternoon/evening.

I felt a bit better on Tuesday, but nowhere near 100%. I cancelled my session with Pete on Wednesday as well.

Basically, I did nothing all week.

Total distance covered this week? Big fat zero.

Low point of the week? Doing nothing.

High point of the week? Was there one?

Weight loss? A bit! But what an awful way to lose it. And once I start eating normally again, it will go right back up!

2016-05-21 04.39.55

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