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Your destiny lies in your own hands

I began the week with Week 4 Day 1 of the 10k Runner app, but I really struggled:

  • Warmup x 5 min
  • Run x 3 min
  • Walk x 2 min
  • Run x 4 min
  • Walk x 3 min
  • Run x 4 min
  • Walk x 3 min
  • Run x 3 min
  • Walk x 2 min
  • Cool down x 5 min

Ugh, it was awful.

I had a session with Pete on Monday morning. I began with 1 km on the treadmill:

  • Walk x 100 m
  • Run x 400 m
  • Walk x 100 m
  • Run x 400 m

As I was doing my stretches, Pete said I’d be lifting weights in the session. I had some water and did the first circuit:

  • Romanian deadlift x 12 (20-lb weights)
  • Leg extension x 12

I did three sets of that circuit followed by an abs circuit:

  • Lower ab lift x 10
  • Elbow to knee crunches x 10 on each side
  • Crunches (with arms overhead) x 10

The second weights circuit consisted of:

  • Chest press x 12
  • Bicep curl x 12 (10-lb weights, I think?)

I did three sets of that and repeated the same abs circuit as before. I always find the upper body exercises really tough.

The next two exercises were:

  • Goblet squat x 12 (20-lb weight)
  • Hamstring curl x 12

After three sets, I did the same abs circuit as before. And then it was my last weights circuit:

  • Lateral pulldown x 12
  • Tricep extension x 12 (15-lb weight)

Phew – I was done! I did some stretches and went home.

I was sore the next morning – especially around my shoulders and hamstrings. I didn’t go to the gym as we were taking the kids to the pool (that’s exercise too!).

I had another session with Pete on Wednesday morning. I warmed up with a 1 km walk/run on the treadmill:

  • Walk x 100 m
  • Run x 400 m
  • Walk x 100 m
  • Run x 400 m

I did some stretches and began with a Tabata set, using the ladder:

  • Step through x 20 s
  • Rest x 10 s
  • Bunny hops x 20 s
  • Rest x 10 s
  • Side steps x 20 s
  • Rest x 10 s
  • Stepping in/out x 20 s
  • Rest x 10 s
  • Repeat

I had some water and a 1-minute rest. The next set was a kettlebell set and it was tough:

  • Kettlebell (8 kg) swings x 3
  • Combined squat/upright row x 2
  • Shoulder press x 1
  • Repeat 5 more times, no breaks
  • Treadmill x 200 metres at 8.2 km/h
  • Repeat all of the above 2 more times, no breaks

So, basically it’s six sets of the kettlebell circuit followed by a short run repeated three times. It’s horrible. I had some water and tried to catch my breath while Pete told me about the next circuit:

  • Split squats x 10
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • V-sit elbow to knee x 20

For the split squats, the starting position is with my feet together, I jump into a squat position and touch the floor with one hand and then jump back to the starting position. I then repeat the jump, squat and touch the floor with the other hand. For the V-sit elbow to knee, the starting position is with my arms crossed over my chest and my hands on the opposite shoulders, leaning back a little with my knees bent. I then bring one knee in and touch it with the opposite elbow and then go back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

I could feel my abs working in all the exercises I’d done. I had a water break and moved on to the final circuit:

  • Cross-trainer x 10 kcal (just over 1 minute)
  • Combined front raise/side raise x 8/6/6 (3-kg weights)
  • Repeat two more times, no breaks

On the cross-trainer, I had to burn 10 calories – however long it took me. For the front and side raises, I used the 3-kg weights because the 5-lb weights at the gym have finally fallen apart. I did 8 reps in the first set and 6 in the second and third sets.

I did some stretches after that and was done for the day.

I didn’t work out again in the week or over the weekend – my brother and sister left with their kids on Thursday evening. My parents and I spent the next two days in a daze – like the aftermath of a hurricane!

Total distance covered this week? 5.04 km (including the warmups during my session with Pete).


Low point of the week? Only doing three workouts – and still eating a lot!

High point of the week? Running after my nephews – that must have burned a few calories!

Weight loss? Up and down like a yo-yo.

2016-07-31 11.47.29

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2 thoughts on “The final few

  1. bberns27 says:

    Love it. Health and fitness can come in easy steps. Not just going crazy and paying tons of money to join gyms and get fancy gear. I love your emphasis on how easy it can be to take simple steps.

    I think you’d find my new blog has very similar posts. I encourage you to check it out! Like. Subscribe. Whatever. We are all in the fitness blogging game for the same thing. To spread healthy lifestyle as far and wide as we can. I am trying to build my network one comment at a time!


    1. nectar1269 says:

      It has been a long process! And it seems to be never-ending. I think consistency is key – even when you don’t see results, just keep going!

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