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Queen of Swords – be prepared to make strong decisions or to respond to a final decision made by a woman. Keywords: intelligence, independence, leadership, insight, intolerance, determination, justice


8 of Cups – follow your heart and go forward. Keywords: ending, departure, journeys, movement, transition, travel, vacations


The Chariot – it’s time to move forward actively with your plans. Keep that ego in check when you need to and enjoy this time of power and motivation. Keywords: journeys, determination, willpower, progress, friction, guidance, protection


King of Pentacles – protect what is yours, while helping those on their way up the ladder. Enjoy the rewards that success brings. Keyword: money, protection, power, loyalty, stability, leadership, commitment

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Knight of Swords – avoid being drawn into drama more than is necessary. Try not to take this setback personally; it’s their fight, not yours. Keywords: battles, confrontation, stress, unstoppable force, manipulation, immaturity, instability


2 of Wands – look for those around you who share your vision. Work together for great results. Keywords: partnership, creativity, communication, travel, planning, education, inspiration


The Wheel of Fortune – the Wheel is not so much a ‘doing’ card as a ‘receiving’ card – so enjoy and appreciate the good fortune that comes to you now. Go with the flow. Keywords: fate, luck, the unexpected, movement, change, crossroads, clairvoyance


10 of Swords – walk away and let go. Focus on the present rather than dwell on the past. Keywords: completion, release, drama, transformation, victimhood, truth, shock

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Queen of Cups – tune in to your nurturing side. In decision-making, your emotional intelligence is your best guide. Keywords: love, nurturing, generosity, sympathy, protection, care, emotion


2 of Swords – look again; take a fresh angle. Any action or decision is better than none. This is a great opportunity for a breakthrough in your thinking. Keywords: doubt, uncertainty, stalemate, indecision, being stuck, disconnection, blocks


Queen of Wands – follow your intuition to make the best decisions in relationships, work and projects. Keywords: enthusiasm, leadership, creativity, intuition, relationships, strength, integrity


7 of Wands – say your words loud and clear, and then be prepared to negotiate. You have the higher moral ground and, with endurance and courage, you will get the result you need. Keywords: defence, resilience, protection, opposition, territory, force, resistance

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