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Your destiny lies in your own hands

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7 of Wands – say your words loud and clear, and then be prepared to negotiate. You have the higher moral ground and, with endurance and courage, you will get the result you need. Keywords: defence, resilience, protection, opposition, territory, force, resistance


Page of Wands – now is the time to express yourself – in words, pictures, dance, music or through any other creative pursuit you enjoy. Keywords: messages, travel news, communication, new work, expression, transition, entertainment



7 of Pentacles – don’t doubt your abilities or the path you have chosen. Keep going – you’re on track for success. Keywords: money, perseverance, dedication, work, investment, time, success



10 of Wands – set some boundaries to reduce the stress. You may need to say no to certain people. Keywords: burdens, overload, confusion, exhaustion, priorities, pressure, blocks



2 of Pentacles – pay attention to the detail of any financial agreements or offers. Look for the long-term benefits rather than going for a short-term gain. Keywords: choices, property, finances, balance, judgement, contracts, detail



The Vortex (The Devil in most other decks) – if you decide it’s time to break an agreement or habit, do it; it will be easier than you think. Don’t let your circumstances dictate who you are. Take back your power. Keywords: choices, contracts, control, power, affairs, restriction, addiction


Knight of Wands – choose which people, situations or projects will benefit most from your efforts and attention. Stay grounded and you’ll make great steps toward success. Keywords: energy, movement, passion, focus, balance, communication, relationships


King of Swords – look to the facts before you make a decision. Keywords: fairness, balance, incisiveness, decisions, strength, justice, support



The Wheel of Fortune – the Wheel is not so much a ‘doing’ card as a ‘receiving’ card – so enjoy and appreciate the good fortune that comes to you now. Go with the flow. Keywords: fate, luck, the unexpected, movement, change, crossroads, clairvoyance



7 of Cups – rather than rush toward one option, stand back awhile – wait to see what manifests. Keywords: fantasy, confusion, choices, dreams, imagination, vision, passion


King of Pentacles – protect what is yours, while helping those on their way up the ladder. Enjoy the rewards that success brings. Keyword: money, protection, power, loyalty, stability, leadership, commitment



6 of Swords – Go with the flow of life – there’s no need to resist change. Keywords: journeys, moving on, emigration, a safe haven, finding peace, resolution, protection

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