Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

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Page of Pentacles – look out for offers regarding property and work – there’s a good opportunity on the horizon, but be diligent. Check all contracts carefully. Keywords: money, messages, communication, work, luck, confidence, optimism


Page of Wands – now is the time to express yourself – in words, pictures, dance, music or through any other creative pursuit you enjoy. Keywords: messages, travel news, communication, new work, expression, transition, entertainment


The Chariot – it’s time to move forward actively with your plans. Keep that ego in check when you need to, and enjoy this time of power and motivation. Keywords: journeys, determination, willpower, progress, friction, guidance, protection



3 of Swords – feel the pain and see the truth of the matter. This situation has happened for a reason. Keywords: heartbreak, sorrow, betrayal, loss, affairs of the heart, break-ups, tears



The Queen of the Ocean (The Empress in most other decks) – it’s time to grow and evolve. Enjoy and invest time in your relationships, your home, your spiritual practice and new creative projects. Keywords: growth, nurturing, home, love, fertility, comfort, generosity


5 of Pentacles – you do have support but you may be looking in the wrong places or to the wrong people. Go beyond your usual networks and you’ll find the help and comfort you need. Keywords: isolation, money problems, rejection, bias, fear, risk, relationships



5 of Wands – become the observer; you’ll soon know who needs your help. However, try not to heal everybody – focus on yourself too. Keywords: posturing, ego, pride, debate, tests, opinions, communication overload



2 of Wands – look for those around you who share your vision. Work together for great results. Keywords: partnership, creativity, communication, travel, planning, education, inspiration



9 of Wands – protect what is yours by all means, but free up your thinking. Create some mental space to plan for the future. Keywords: determination, challenges, sacrifices, hard work, protection, rigidity, fear



8 of Cups – follow your heart and go forward. Keywords: ending, departure, journeys, movement, transition, travel, vacations



4 of Swords – accept that this is how things need to be just now. You will make progress when the time is right. Keywords: inaction, time away, a relationship break, healing, peace, stillness, rest



7 of Pentacles – don’t doubt your abilities or path you have chosen. Keep going – you’re on track for success. Keywords: money, perseverance, dedication, work, investment, time, success

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