Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

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Queen of Cups – tune in to your nurturing side. In decision-making, your emotional intelligence is your best guide. Keywords: love, nurturing, generosity, sympathy, protection, care, emotion


9 of Pentacles – devote time and money to your interests and your home. You can be the centre of your world and appreciate all the good things in life just now. Keyword: luxury, leisure, relaxation, home, abundance, independence, generosity


The Tower – surrender to the universe, give up control and begin to construct a new way of working, thinking, relating or living. You now have the freedom to start over and a strong foundation on which to rebuild whatever has fallen. Keywords: breakdown, endings, chaos, surrender, breakthrough, beginnings, enlightenment



The Queen of the Ocean (The Empress in most other decks) – it’s time to grow and evolve. Enjoy and invest time in your relationships, your home, your spiritual practice and new creative projects. Keywords: growth, nurturing, home, love, fertility, comfort, generosity



10 of Pentacles – appreciate the special bonds you share as a group and the love that comes with commitment. Keywords: family, celebrations, generosity, money, luck, completeness, love



2 of Cups – appreciate love and trust in your relationships. Keywords: soul mates, karma, love, intimacy, connection, healing, union



The Star – follow your heart and respect your inner knowing. Trust that the universe will bring you whatever you need. Keywords: creativity, dreams, intuition, healing, spiritual path, rebirth, wishes


Judgement – if you feel you need to give a person a second chance or return to an old situation, now is the time to decide. If you’re reassessing the past in other ways, don’t be too hard on yourself. Keywords: contemplation, self-judgement, review, second chances, guilt, spirituality, memories



5 of Wands – become the observer; you’ll soon know who needs your help. However, try not to heal everybody – focus on yourself too. Keywords: posturing, ego, pride, debate, tests, opinions, communication overload


The Fool – look before you leap – and, if you like what you see, dive right in! Keywords: risk, innocence, departure, new pathway, discovery, journeys, starting over


King of Swords – look to the facts before you make a decision. Keywords: fairness, balance, incisiveness, decisions, strength, justice, support



6 of Wands – this is your time to shine so don’t hold back. You deserve every success. Keywords: victory, education, awards, love proposals, promotion, strength, ceremony

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