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9 of Swords – what ties you in knots at 3am looks small in the light of day. Try to keep perspective when negative thoughts get in the way. Keywords: panic attack, fear, guilt, insomnia, nightmares, stress, mental overload



5 of Swords – stand your ground. You don’t need to respond aggressively but do be assertive rather than retreat. Keywords: opposition, arguments, shame, bullying, unfairness, loss, resilience


2 of Swords – look again; take a fresh angle. Any action or decision is better than none. This is a great opportunity for a breakthrough in your thinking. Keywords: doubt, uncertainty, stalemate, indecision, being stuck, disconnection, blocks


9 of Cups – you’re perfectly placed to manifest what you dream of, so make your wish. Keywords: happiness, support, love, entertaining, harmony at home, relationships, abundance



Magician – the time is now – take action, and you will find success. Keywords: new enterprises, communication, energy, creativity, travel, money, support



8 of Cups – follow your heart and go forward. Keywords: ending, departure, journeys, movement, transition, travel, vacations



5 of Wands – become the observer; you’ll soon know who needs your help. However, try not to heal everybody – focus on yourself too. Keywords: posturing, ego, pride, debate, tests, opinions, communication overload


Knight of Wands – choose which people, situations or projects will benefit most from your efforts and attention. Stay grounded and you’ll make great steps toward success. Keywords: energy, movement, passion, focus, balance, communication, relationships



3 of Swords – feel the pain and see the truth of the matter. This situation has happened for a reason. Keywords: heartbreak, sorrow, betrayal, loss, affairs of the heart, break-ups, tears


The Tower – surrender to the universe, give up control and begin to construct a new way of working, thinking, relating or living. You now have the freedom to start over and a strong foundation on which to rebuild whatever has fallen. Keywords: breakdown, endings, chaos, surrender, breakthrough, beginnings, enlightenment


4 of Wands – be carefree while you can and replenish your mind, body and soul – you deserve it. Keywords: balance, love, contentment, freedom, openness, travel, new home



7 of Swords – protect your assets and examine the motives of others carefully – be on your guard. Keywords: theft, negative people, insecurity, intuition, mistrust, decisions, protection

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