Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

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The Chariot – it’s time to move forward actively with your plans. Keep that ego in check when you need to, and enjoy this time of power and motivation. Keywords: journeys, determination, willpower, progress, friction, guidance, protection



Ace of Pentacles – maximise your good fortune and make your money work for you; you deserve it. It’s a time to make a wise financial decision. Keywords: beginnings, finances, new job, success, property, security, creativity


9 of Cups – you’re perfectly placed to manifest what you dream of, so make your wish. Keywords: happiness, support, love, entertaining, harmony at home, relationships, abundance



9 of Swords – what ties you in knots at 3am looks small in the light of day. Try to keep perspective when negative thoughts get in the way. Keywords: panic attack, fear, guilt, insomnia, nightmares, stress, mental overload



Knight of Swords – avoid being drawn into drama more than is necessary. Try not to take this setback personally; it’s their fight, not yours. Keywords: battles, confrontation, stress, unstoppable force, manipulation, immaturity, instability



Queen of Cups – tune in to your nurturing side. In decision-making, your emotional intelligence is your best guide. Keywords: love, nurturing, generosity, sympathy, protection, care, emotion



2 of Cups – appreciate love and trust in your relationships. Keywords: soul mates, karma, love, intimacy, connection, healing, union


3 of Wands – think laterally; try new ways to fire your communication and creativity. Keywords: travel, relationships, weddings, originality, success, the arts, sport



3 of Swords – feel the pain and see the truth of the matter. This situation has happened for a reason. Keywords: heartbreak, sorrow, betrayal, loss, affairs of the heart, break-ups, tears



The Star – follow your heart and respect your inner knowing. Trust that the universe will bring you whatever you need. Keywords: creativity, dreams, intuition, healing, spiritual path, rebirth, wishes



King of Wands – explore your passions and look to unconventional people and new places. Keywords: energy, creativity, power, wisdom, passion, freedom, openness



The Hermit – try not to resist aloneness. It gives you time for contemplation and healing, to find the answers you need, and know yourself more deeply. Keywords: thought, retreat, travel, inner journeys, solitude, seclusion, protection

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