Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

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4 of Wands – be carefree while you can and replenish your mind, body and soul – you deserve it. Keywords: balance, love, contentment, freedom, openness, travel, new home


Ace of Cups – open your heart and trust; you need not be overwhelmed by emotion. Just be open to what comes to you. Keywords: beginnings, passion, pregnancy, creativity, fulfillment, overflow of emotions, intensity



3 of Swords – feel the pain and see the truth of the matter. This situation has happened for a reason. Keywords: heartbreak, sorrow, betrayal, loss, affairs of the heart, break-ups, tears



9 of Wands – protect what is yours by all means, but free up your thinking. Create some mental space to plan for the future. Keywords: determination, challenges, sacrifices, hard work, protection, rigidity, fear



The Moon – give yourself time to work out the best way forward. Your intuition holds the answer – pay attention to its messages through feelings and dreams, rather than rely on a logical approach to a problem. Keywords: the unconscious, doubt, decisions, dilemmas, sadness, the past, fear


8 of Pentacles – you have the ability to earn more and learn more; wherever you focus your energy, success will follow. Keywords: analysis, dedication, detailed work, commitment, money, education, perfectionism


The High Priestess – keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself just now and respect others’ secrets as well as your own. Take time to concentrate on your spiritual interests and listen to your intuition. The right teacher will appear when you are ready for the lesson. Keywords: wisdom, secrets, discretion, teaching, spiritual work, vision, dreams



King of Wands – explore your passions and look to unconventional people and new places. Keywords: energy, creativity, power, wisdom, passion, freedom, openness



4 of Swords – accept that this is how things need to be just now. You will make progress when the time is right. Keywords: inaction, time away, a relationship break, healing, peace, stillness, rest


The Tower – surrender to the universe, give up control and begin to construct a new way of working, thinking, relating or living. You now have the freedom to start over and a strong foundation on which to rebuild whatever has fallen. Keywords: breakdown, endings, chaos, surrender, breakthrough, beginnings, enlightenment


Judgement – if you feel you need to give a person a second chance or return to an old situation, now is the time to decide. If you’re reassessing the past in other ways, don’t be too hard on yourself. Keywords: contemplation, self-judgement, review, second chances, guilt, spirituality, memories


The Fool – look before you leap – and, if you like what you see, dive right in! Keywords: risk, innocence, departure, new pathway, discovery, journeys, starting over

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