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The Vortex (The Devil in most other decks) – if you decide it’s time to break an agreement or habit, do it; it will be easier than you think. Don’t let your circumstances dictate who you are. Take back your power. Keywords: choices, contracts, control, power, affairs, restriction, addiction



Death – allow that what will be will be. Rather than resisting the change that needs to happen, embrace it. Keywords: rebirth, endings, change, beginnings, release, relief, conclusions



4 of Cups – look for inspiration Renew your faith that life can bring you what you need. Keywords: stagnation, despondency, disillusion, self-protection, need for change, stubbornness, ridigity



6 of Swords – Go with the flow of life – there’s no need to resist change. Keywords: journeys, moving on, emigration, a safe haven, finding peace, resolution, protection


The Lovers – make your choice based on your long-term future rather than short-term gains. In love, wait for the right person rather than distract yourself with flirtations. Keywords: love, commitment, future plans, maturity, dedication, emotions, separation



7 of Cups – rather than rush toward one option, stand back awhile – wait to see what manifests. Keywords: fantasy, confusion, choices, dreams, imagination, vision, passion


3 of Wands – think laterally; try new ways to fire your communication and creativity. Keywords: travel, relationships, weddings, originality, success, the arts, sport



Queen of Pentacles – be hands-on. Get involved, give practical help, and share your knowledge with those who need it. Keywords: generosity, fertility, money, comfort, love, nature, children and animals



The Hermit – try not to resist aloneness. It gives you time for contemplation and healing, to find the answers you need, and know yourself more deeply. Keywords: thought, retreat, travel, inner journeys, solitude, seclusion, protection



7 of Swords – protect your assets and examine the motives of others carefully – be on your guard. Keywords: theft, negative people, insecurity, intuition, mistrust, decisions, protection


5 of Pentacles – you do have support but you may be looking in the wrong places or to the wrong people. Go beyond your usual networks and you’ll find the help and comfort you need. Keywords: isolation, money problems, rejection, bias, fear, risk, relationships



Queen of Cups – tune in to your nurturing side. In decision-making, your emotional intelligence is your best guide. Keywords: love, nurturing, generosity, sympathy, protection, care, emotion

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