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5 of Swords – stand your ground. You don’t need to respond aggressively but do be assertive rather than retreat. Keywords: opposition, arguments, shame, bullying, unfairness, loss, resilience


9 of Pentacles – devote time and money to your interests and your home. You can be the centre of your world and appreciate all the good things in life just now. Keyword: luxury, leisure, relaxation, home, abundance, independence, generosity


Page of Wands – now is the time to express yourself – in words, pictures, dance, music or through any other creative pursuit you enjoy. Keywords: messages, travel news, communication, new work, expression, transition, entertainment



4 of Cups – look for inspiration Renew your faith that life can bring you what you need. Keywords: stagnation, despondency, disillusion, self-protection, need for change, stubbornness, ridigity


The World – Celebrate what you have achieved and embrace new opportunities; you will be full of energy and motivation. The world is your oyster. Keywords: success, completion, celebration, beginnings, travel, motivation, renewal



2 of Cups – appreciate love and trust in your relationships. Keywords: soul mates, karma, love, intimacy, connection, healing, union



Queen of Wands – follow your intuition to make the best decisions in relationships, work and projects. Keywords: enthusiasm, leadership, creativity, intuition, relationships, strength, integrity


The High Priestess – keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself just now and respect others’ secrets as well as your own. Take time to concentrate on your spiritual interests and listen to your intuition. The right teacher will appear when you are ready for the lesson. Keywords: wisdom, secrets, discretion, teaching, spiritual work, vision, dreams



Ace of Cups – open your heart and trust; you need not be overwhelmed by emotion. Just be open to what comes to you. Keywords: beginnings, passion, pregnancy, creativity, fulfillment, overflow of emotions, intensity



The Sun – appreciate your deserved success and this special time of rest and recuperation. Enjoy feeling safe and appreciate the harmony that is around you. Keywords: growth, children, joy, protection, holidays, success, contentment


The Lovers – make your choice based on your long-term future rather than short-term gains. In love, wait for the right person rather than distract yourself with flirtations. Keywords: love, commitment, future plans, maturity, dedication, emotions, separation



9 of Swords – what ties you in knots at 3am looks small in the light of day. Try to keep perspective when negative thoughts get in the way. Keywords: panic attack, fear, guilt, insomnia, nightmares, stress, mental overload

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