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10 of Swords – walk away and let go. Focus on the present rather than dwell on the past. Keywords: completion, release, drama, transformation, victimhood, truth, shock



Ace of Cups – open your heart and trust; you need not be overwhelmed by emotion. Just be open to what comes to you. Keywords: beginnings, passion, pregnancy, creativity, fulfillment, overflow of emotions, intensity


King of Pentacles – protect what is yours, while helping those on their way up the ladder. Enjoy the rewards that success brings. Keyword: money, protection, power, loyalty, stability, leadership, commitment



10 of Wands – set some boundaries to reduce the stress. You may need to say no to certain people. Keywords: burdens, overload, confusion, exhaustion, priorities, pressure, blocks


Knight of Cups – judge by actions rather than words. It’s worth testing this person’s intentions before you go along with his foibles. Keywords: offers, dreams, illusion, imagination, fantasy, love, infatuation



Page of Cups – enjoy the lighter side of life. Allow yourself time to play and let your imagination run free. Keywords: companionship, outings, fun, playfulness, imagination, love news, finances


The Fool – look before you leap – and, if you like what you see, dive right in! Keywords: risk, innocence, departure, new pathway, discovery, journeys, starting over



7 of Pentacles – don’t doubt your abilities or path you have chosen. Keep going – you’re on track for success. Keywords: money, perseverance, dedication, work, investment, time, success



The Queen of the Ocean (The Empress in most other decks) – it’s time to grow and evolve. Enjoy and invest time in your relationships, your home, your spiritual practice and new creative projects. Keywords: growth, nurturing, home, love, fertility, comfort, generosity



King of Wands – explore your passions and look to unconventional people and new places. Keywords: energy, creativity, power, wisdom, passion, freedom, openness


8 of Pentacles – you have the ability to earn more and learn more; wherever you focus your energy, success will follow. Keywords: analysis, dedication, detailed work, commitment, money, education, perfectionism



The Sun – appreciate your deserved success and this special time of rest and recuperation. Enjoy feeling safe and appreciate the harmony that is around you. Keywords: growth, children, joy, protection, holidays, success, contentment

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