Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I can’t believe it’s the end of the year already… Have a wonderful month!


Empress – This is a wonderful time to give birth to ideas and experiences. Nourishment is assured as you step into a new version of yourself. Your life is rich and ripe with possibility that you can manifest and create. You are a powerful co-creator and life loves you right now! Your world is brimming with potential and infinite possibility that will manifest for the highest good. Keyword: fertility.


4 of Water – A lull in the action offers a chance for you to dream even bigger than before. Whenever plans turn out not to have come to fruition as expected, you feel secure knowing that even greater things may await me. The universe conspires on your behalf, and disappointment and sadness will wash through you if you simply let them flow. You trust that Spirit has many ways of responding to your desires, and what you seek can take a variety of forms. You have faith in perfect timing and divine order. Keywords: dreaming and introspection, contemplation, trusting in the abundance of opportunities.


Messenger of Water (Knights in most other decks) – You need to look for the best in others and honour it even when it seems a challenge to do so. Your attractions stem from self-love and a knowledge that you are a part of all love, which takes many forms, each exquisite in its own way. You can have what you desire. There is no need for jealousy, anger, resentment or fear when you are love and love flows into you powerfully. Keywords: romantic attraction, chivalry, admiration, seeing the best in others, heightened emotional awareness, a call to fall in love with yourself.


King of Air – Truth is everything. Think before you act. Work with the universal laws with clear intention. Do you see how the foundations of the past affect the present and future? Keywords: intellectual authority, reason over instinct, intellect over passion, successful negotiation, rules, laws. (Is it just me or does he look like Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones??)


Queen of Air – You have clarity of purpose. Your intentions are in alignment with your understanding. There is always a strategy in the game called life. Can you let go of false truth and be rigorously honest with yourself and others? Keywords: setting healthy boundaries, strong self-esteem, calculated and shrewd decisions, clear communication, well organised, a wordsmith.


Temptation (The Devil in most other decks) – The material world is your playground, but you need to be careful not to be attached to outcomes. This is a warning to you to watch for excess and to know what’s not healthy for you. When this card shows up, it’s a sign that you are focused on the material realm and need to be aware of any excess or addictive behaviour, your own or that of others. Keyword: attachment.


5 of Water – You feel the fullness of your emotions as they wash through you. The ebb and flow are part of life and you are present in your feelings. You fully forgive yourself and others and let go of any emotions that were holding you back from acknowledging the truth. You deserve the freedom that comes when you release what is no longer working for you. You make amends to those you may have harmed when emotion was colouring your perceptions. You surrender any resentments to the divine, knowing they can be transformed into miracles. Fearless inventories lead to liberation. Keywords: releasing grief, allowing sadness to rise and fall, forgiveness, the ebb and flow of emotion.


3 of Water – Joy and excitement flow among all those gathered You embrace being a part of something larger than yourself. It’s a time to delight in the camaraderie as you experience the greater whole that is your community or team. You buoy each other and play together as you co-create. You are friends, family and companions, sharing your experiences. It is a time to remember you must accept each other as you are, with both shadow and light within. Keywords: celebration, enjoying community, sharing, exuberance, team spirit, common goal, friendship.


Ace of Air – Meaningful coincidences and forces beyond your human control are opening up in your life now for the highest good! Things are happening now with great velocity. You can expect quick results that will lead you forward with excellent information. Keywords: destiny and fate, the law of karma, powerful forces of transformation at work, synchronicity


6 of Water – You are being triggered to remember the past. You can enjoy the warm memories but must recognise they are ephemeral. Emotion can colour your recall and distort your understanding of what is happening today. You acknowledge and heal old wounds. You can experience security, enveloped in the arms of divine love. There is no need to return to the illusion of a golden era of yore because you can begin co-creating a better reality right now. Authentic healing and joyfulness will be yours if you stop rekindling the emotions of the past. Keywords: nostalgia, sweet memories, old flames, yearning for the security of the good old days.


7 of Water – Now is the time to tune in to the infinite possibilities that exist and begin to play with them. Everything begins in the world of imagination and you seize the opportunity to dream. You allow your intuition and desire to blend in an alchemical way, forming something new. Castles in the air can become castles on the ground when you release rigidity, bend the rules and remain flexible and open. Limitations and boundaries give way to manifestation. Spirit never doubts the power of possibility and neither should you! Keywords: imagination, fantasy, artistic endeavours, co-creative abilities unleashed.


3 of Earth – What you are building is grounded in a solid foundation, so you know you can trust that it will not slip away suddenly. You are joined by others in coordinated efforts to bring forth what you have chosen to create. The architecture of your dreams is becoming tangible, taking shape before you, and you share your joy and pride with your partners and supporters. Teachers and students, we are all learning, growing and building collaboratively. Keywords: teamwork, building on solid foundations, group efforts, dedicated collaboration.

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