Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Happy new year!


Fool – You know that a spiritual approach rarely appears logical and sometimes even impractical. However, when this card appears, you can take a risk and trust with faith anything is possible! The invisible realms will reveal each step along the way. You are meant to experience this regardless of where you travel. This is a time when you’re learning that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Keyword: enthusiasm.


Empress – This is a wonderful time to give birth to ideas and experiences. Nourishment is assured as you step into a new version of yourself. Your life is rich and ripe with possibility that you can manifest and create. You are a powerful co-creator and life loves you right now! Your world is brimming with potential and infinite possibility that will manifest for the highest good. Keyword: fertility.


6 of Earth – What you have sent forth in love comes back to you many times over, as the generosity of others becomes apparent and unexpected resources show up. The universe is exhibiting its generosity, reminding you that the world is full of pleasant surprises. Inside the pretty package is tangible aid, a gift from Spirit. Just when you were beginning to doubt, you are reminded of the treasures you are entitled to receive that show up at your door. What will you unwrap today? Keywords: unexpected resources, happy surprises, generosity.


Call (Judgement in most other decks) – You have everything you need right now to move forward with purpose. You’re being called into a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself, with your Higher Power and with others. You are here for a reason. You’re required to step forward into your true self, expressing that through your actions. You need to trust that your life has a purpose, that you are ‘enough’ and that within you is a divine blueprint that has been for yourself and others. Keywords: purpose and true prosperity.


6 of Water – You are being triggered to remember the past. You can enjoy the warm memories but must recognise they are ephemeral. Emotion can colour your recall and distort your understanding of what is happening today. You acknowledge and heal old wounds. You can experience security, enveloped in the arms of divine love. There is no need to return to the illusion of a golden era of yore because you can begin co-creating a better reality right now. Authentic healing and joyfulness will be yours if you stop rekindling the emotions of the past. Keywords: nostalgia, sweet memories, old flames, yearning for the security of the good old days.


Chariot – Everything you have worked for, including the obstacles you have faced and overcome, is not part of this time of victory. You have learned to see all aspects of your life as essential to your growth. You have fallen but now you are risen again to live freely and truthfully, fearlessly and skillfully. Keywords: victory.


Hermit – Sometimes it’s necessary to take time out for regrouping and introspection. This is a temporary experience but one necessary for your growth. When you step back, retreat, regroup and renew, you have a clear perspective on everything in your life. Keywords: time out.


5 of Fire – You have the freedom to explore the ideas that seem the most far-fetched. What seems crazy today proves tomorrow to be brilliant. Like a child willing to stretch her imagination when a new playmate comes into the garden, you open to new people and new ideas, intrigued by what is novel and unfamiliar. This is a time for what is counterintuitive, for appreciating the ideas from out in left field and what they might offer. Keywords: creative brainstorming, unity in diversity, honouring differences.


10 of Air – It’s all up from here as you bless the ending, grateful for the lessons you have learned that can free you from patterns that no longer serve you. You allow your circumstances to end with grace as you know something better can appear at any time. You are thankful that from now on, you can respond differently to any challenging situation. Keywords: graceful endings and hopeful beginnings meet, a point of epiphany, an end to old ways of thinking


10 of Earth – You are now able to step back and observe the results of what I built through my dedication and hard work. You claim ownership of the castles you built that have taken form in the material world. You have achieved mastery and inherited treasures of knowledge and experience thanks to all you have been through. You smile appreciatively at your run of good fortune. Keywords: affluence, material abundance, mastery, financial security, inherited wealth and knowledge.


7 of Earth – As you reflect on your progress to date and see where you stand, you contemplate whether you want to continue singing the same song or change your tune. You are always free to go back to and reimagine what you might co-create. If what you manifested does not serve you as you thought it might, you don’t have to be afraid to admit is no longer for you. Whatever you choose to do, you are not afraid to start over, for you feel assured that Spirit will always support your highest good. Keywords: opening to a new strategy, being at a crossroads, a decision to be made.


Temptation (The Devil in most other decks) – The material world is your playground, but you need to be careful not to be attached to outcomes. This is a warning to you to watch for excess and to know what’s not healthy for you. When this card shows up, it’s a sign that you are focused on the material realm and need to be aware of any excess or addictive behaviour, your own or that of others. Keyword: attachment.

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