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Chariot – Everything you have worked for, including the obstacles you have faced and overcome, is now part of this time of victory. You have learned to see all aspects of your life as essential to your growth. You have fallen but now you are risen again to live freely and truthfully, fearlessly and skillfully. Keywords: victory.


Messenger of Water (Knights in most other decks) – You need to look for the best in others and honour it even when it seems a challenge to do so. Your attractions stem from self-love and a knowledge that you are a part of all love, which takes many forms, each exquisite in its own way. You can have what you desire. There is no need for jealousy, anger, resentment or fear when you are love and love flows into you powerfully. Keywords: romantic attraction, chivalry, admiration, seeing the best in others, heightened emotional awareness, a call to fall in love with yourself.


Messenger of Earth (Knights in most other decks) – You are in the flow, committed to co-creating with Spirit effectively and efficiently. You do your best and never leave a job half done. You are dedicated and determined, knowing your efforts will pay off. Keywords: hard-working, proceeding with integrity, perseverance and grit, prudent and careful efforts, thoroughness, industriousness, stamina, dedication.


6 of Air – However turbulent the waters at the moment, trust that if you create calm within, your outer conditions will soon be calm too. You are conditioned to expect troubles ahead, but you have shifted your awareness and know that you can choose to believe that stepping into the unknown will bring you to what you truly desire. You are in a transition to something better. Keywords: rite of passage, a necessary change in thinking to gain greater wisdom.


4 of Water – A lull in the action offers a chance for you to dream even bigger than before. Whenever plans turn out not to have come to fruition as expected, you feel secure knowing that even greater things may await you. The universe conspires on your behalf, and disappointment and sadness will wash through you if you simply let them flow. You trust that Spirit has many ways of responding to your desires, and what you seek can take a variety of forms. You have faith in perfect timing and divine order. Keywords: dreaming and introspection, contemplation, trusting in the abundance of opportunities.


9 of Water – It is right to say no to what isn’t right for you, and now is your time to experience wishes fulfilled, the sweet harvest that came about from seeds you planted. You drink in the aroma of successful endeavour, take pride in your hard word and achievement, and savour the satisfaction of a job well done. You deserve to pause and acknowledge all you co-created and you do it joyfully. Keywords: dreams come true, wishes fulfilled, completion, enjoyment, contentment, achievement of desire.


3 of Water – Joy and excitement flow among all those gathered You embrace being a part of something larger than yourself. It’s a time to delight in the camaraderie as you experience the greater whole that is your community or team. You buoy each other and play together as you co-create. You are friends, family and companions, sharing your experiences. It is a time to remember you must accept each other as you are, with both shadow and light within. Keywords: celebration, enjoying community, sharing, exuberance, team spirit, common goal, friendship.


Page of Fire – You are free to venture forth, for co-creating a life true to your desire is your right. You are finding your purpose as you take the first step into something new. Your ideas have value. Dream boldly! Keywords: enthusiastic action, adventurousness, venturing forth, beginning a project, acting on a new idea.


Magician – When you are in alignment with Spirit’s will, miracles are possible. When you see this card, you’re reminded that your will and skill alone will yield limited results. When you remember your partnership with Spirit, all is well. You’re required to explore your commitment to this co-creative alchemical relationship and see the results manifest beautifully. Through you, Spirit works magic. Keyword: alchemy.


8 of Fire – Momentum is building as the power of Spirit serves to power this transformation You are travelling to new territories and you are eager to experience all that these lands have to offer. You have arrived at your destination and now the adventure of discovery is energising you. Keywords: gathering momentum, celebrating swift changes, travel, transformation.


Justice – The law of cause and effect is in play now as you see elements in your life balance out. What goes around comes around. You’re now seeing evidence of this law in the conditions of your world. Keyword: karma.


Messenger of Air (Knights in most other decks) – You need to broaden your perspective. You are reacting to a situation from your past. You have to think about whether you want to do things the old way or respond different this time. If you are swift and move quickly, ensuring your actions are for the highest good, positive outcomes are assured. Keywords: opinions formed by experience, adherence to dogma, allegiance to a way of thinking or acting, a learned response, subconscious programming and swift reactions or responses.

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