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7 of Air – Now is the time for you to live life on your own terms, so you must find the courage to reject conformity. Listening to your yearning for independence is key to breaking free of groupthink and attending to your own needs. Diplomacy with others can help you to be true to your call to do what you know you must do for yourself. Keywords: independence, non-conformity, living life on one’s own terms without people pleasing.


9 of Fire – You need to stop, wait and look around you before proceeding further. Your sense of uncertainty is your inner wisdom telling you to bring illumination to your situation, to allow insights to arise and guide you before you take your next step. Questioning is good! You will look carefully to see if a different path may be right for you at this point. Keywords: caution, uncertainty, re-evaluating circumstances.


5 of Water – You feel the fullness of your emotions as they wash through you. The ebb and flow are part of life and you are present in your feelings. You fully forgive yourself and others and let go of any emotions that were holding you back from acknowledging the truth. You deserve the freedom that comes when you release what is no longer working for you. You make amends to those you may have harmed when emotion was colouring your perceptions. You surrender any resentments to the divine, knowing they can be transformed into miracles. Fearless inventories lead to liberation. Keywords: releasing grief, allowing sadness to rise and fall, forgiveness, the ebb and flow of emotion.


3 of Earth – What you are building is grounded in a solid foundation, so you know you can trust that it will not slip away suddenly. You are joined by others in coordinated efforts to bring forth what you have chosen to create. The architecture of your dreams is becoming tangible, taking shape before you, and you share your joy and pride with your partners and supporters. Teachers and students, we are all learning, growing and building collaboratively. Keywords: teamwork, building on solid foundations, group efforts, dedicated collaboration.


Magician – When you are in alignment with Spirit’s will, miracles are possible. When you see this card, you’re reminded that your will and skill alone will yield limited results. When you remember your partnership with Spirit, all is well. You’re required to explore your commitment to this co-creative alchemical relationship and see the results manifest beautifully. Through you, Spirit works magic. Keyword: alchemy.


10 of Air – It’s all up from here as you bless the ending, grateful for the lessons you have learned that can free you from patterns that no longer serve you. You allow your circumstances to end with grace as you know something better can appear at any time. You are thankful that from now on, you can respond differently to any challenging situation. Keywords: graceful endings and hopeful beginnings meet, a point of epiphany, an end to old ways of thinking.


Call (Judgement in most other decks) – You have everything you need right now to move forward with purpose. You’re being called into a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself, with your Higher Power and with others. You are here for a reason. You’re required to step forward into your true self, expressing that through your actions. You need to trust that your life has a purpose, that you are ‘enough’ and that within you is a divine blueprint that has been for yourself and others. Keywords: purpose and true prosperity.


Love (The Lovers in most other decks) – In all of life, there is only the illusion of separation. In fact, we are all reflections of one another. When you make choices, you tend to see things as either/or. What if every choice you make is about an experience, a sharing and an exploring? When you choose to see the unity in all things, magic abounds. Love is all around you, Spirit loves you unconditionally and you can give and receive abundant love. Keyword: oneness.


2 of Earth – Your efforts bring you joy. Play and work are not separate, because what you are doing is actually fun. If conditions change, you can switch gears easily. You are fully present in the excitement of creativity and are eager to experience the surprises that occur when seeds you have planted take root, sprout and develop in unexpected ways. This is a time for flexibility and trust in how the universe will shape what is coming into being. One way or another, your dreams manifest in the material world. Keywords: pleasurable work, adaptability, balance between work and play.


King of Fire – When you are aligned with Spirit, you are a powerful leader who inspires others. Your mastery benefits others as you teach them, directly at times, and indirectly at others, modelling what they might aspire to. How can you be confident in your own abilities and vision without becoming rigid or closed off to new ideas? Keywords: spiritual influencer, creative inspired leadership.


High Priestess – Some things are not meant to be known intellectually but are meant to be experienced through intuition. This card reminds you to trust that you have access to higher wisdom and knowing when you tune in and trust your vibes. This is the time when mysteries will be revealed and you can grow as a result. Keyword: mystery.


Tower – Things happen really fast when this card shows up. Its appearance could portend a total paradigm shift or a sudden upheaval that takes something away in order for something better to take its place. It could be that you’ve had an epiphany. Whatever it is, this card tells you unexpected events will be very interesting and offer opportunities for positive transformation if you remain present with your eyes open. Keyword: surprises.

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4 thoughts on “Your month ahead (June 2018)

  1. Rita Chulani says:

    Looking forward to my detailed month You were spot on with the last one! Amazing 💕

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. nectar1269 says:

      Thanks for the great feedback! Your reading is ready – it will be with you shortly 🙂

  2. psychicshawncohen says:

    Amreeta, your site is beautiful and so are your cards! What deck is that, please? I love it! You are doing so well and I am very proud of you! Sending much love and light, Shawn xxx ❤ 🙂

    1. nectar1269 says:

      Hi Shawn! This is The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid. It’s a beautiful deck xx

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