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3 of Fire – You are on the right path towards your success. You have an abundance of opportunities before you. You need to trust yourself, for you can make good choices for yourself and co-create situations and relationships that are in harmony with your heart’s desire. Keywords: expansion of opportunities, the fullness of creativity, achievement.


3 of Air – A third party helps you to see the truth of this situation. What is truly yours can never be withheld from me. Rejection is Spirit’s protection. It’s in your best interest to let go and allow for something better to take its place. It is your highest good to see the truth regardless of your temporary discomfort. This too shall pass. Keywords: silver linings, natural departures, ‘Rejection is God’s protection’.


Ace of Earth – You recognise the many forms of abundance and plenty, and you align yourself with success. You can generate gold from the resources you have at your fingertips. You make an impact. The essence of prosperity is taking form in the material world. Keywords: prosperity in its purest form, concrete results in the physical world, abundance made manifest.


Fool – You know that a spiritual approach rarely appears logical and sometimes even impractical. However, when this card appears, you can take a risk and trust with faith anything is possible! The invisible realms will reveal each step along the way. You are meant to experience this regardless of where you travel. This is a time when you’re learning that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Keyword: enthusiasm.


2 of Water – You partner with one who is in harmony with you. Together, you explore what is and what might be, knowing you are there for each other. Two hearts beat as one as you take turns replenishing and encouraging the other. You have someone who can bring out the best in you, and you can do the same for another soul, for we are all expressions of divine love. Keywords: harmonious partnership, loving and lasting relationship, heart connection between two souls.


2 of Air – Time to take a break to consider your options and think about things. There is no need to rush forward. The perfect answer for the highest good will come to you if you take your time and remain in a peaceful state of mind. Keywords: stalemate, uncertainty, considering options


Page of Air – If you explore a new way of thinking, what can you learn? This calls for greater investigation, as you’ve only scratched the surface. You might find yourself saying ‘That’s interesting!’ this week… Keywords: new ideas, a theory not yet proven, curiosity, new focus.


Messenger of Earth (Knights in most other decks) – You are in the flow, committed to co-creating with Spirit effectively and efficiently. You do your best and never leave a job half done. You are dedicated and determined, knowing your efforts will pay off. Keywords: hard-working, proceeding with integrity, perseverance and grit, prudent and careful efforts, thoroughness, industriousness, stamina, dedication.


Chariot – Everything you have worked for, including the obstacles you have faced and overcome, is now part of this time of victory. You have learned to see all aspects of your life as essential to your growth. You have fallen but now you are risen again to live freely and truthfully, fearlessly and skillfully. Keywords: victory.


9 of Earth – You know you can rely on yourself and Spirit. There are many tools at your disposal, and you use your resources wisely, solidifying the foundation of your security in the material world. You are diligent and disciplined, focused on completing the work you began long ago. You stick to your program, trusting that the plan is unfolding before you exactly as Spirit intended. Keywords: disciplined self-reliance, reliable resources, restraint and self-control, the final stone placed in the foundation.


Queen of Water – You are comfortable in your own skin. You love, cherish and nurture yourself. You are the best friend to yourself. Your relationships with others reflect your security in knowing you are always worthy of love and respect. You heal yourself so you can be the change you want to see in the world and so your compassion can inspire others. Keywords: compassion, emotional security, generosity, self-love and self-care, healer.


World – You’re being called to shift your perspective on your life now. When you remember you are first and foremost an immortal soul, experiencing life as a human being, you have no fear. You can see clearly that you are a powerful co-creator in a divine partnership with Spirit. Aligning yourself with Spirit, remaining unattached to outcomes, you are a conduit for miracles. Keywords: perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Your month ahead (August 2018)

  1. Rita Chulani says:

    Hi darling, Have all my months readings over? Pls let me know…. happy to renew! Love Rita


    1. You’ve still got August and September to go! I’ll send you an email when your subscription is finishing. Thanks! x

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