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Summer 2012

December 2015


15 responses to “Bali

  1. […] the 4x4x4x4 breath at all. The last 4 counts reminded me of learning how to dive last summer in Bali when Made closed off my oxygen tank. As soon as I’ve exhaled, I want to inhale immediately […]

  2. […] My thighs were sore for a couple of days after that session. It reminded me how sore I was after trekking in Komodo last summer. […]

  3. […] our first week in Bali, we had dinner with Harry at Trattoria. He was talking about some of the islands near Bali and the […]

  4. […] bought some new Nike trainers on Sunday evening. I’d been wearing the pair I bought in Bali for over 2 years and it was time to move […]

  5. […] massages – I opted for the Balinese massage and my massage therapist Ina was actually from Bali. I think she was surprised when I spoke to her in Indonesian… The massage was excellent and […]

  6. […] any progress in the last few months. I think I’ll decide once I’m back from my trip to Bali in […]

  7. […] year is coming to an end… Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! I am jetting off to Bali soon for a few weeks – the perfect way to end the year […]

  8. […] by bus to the plane. The journey on the bus took so long I wondered if we were being driven to Bali. I had a window seat and I didn’t think the flight would be crowded. Sure enough when they […]

  9. […] again from Bali – and have a wonderful week […]

  10. […] I found out my cousin had decided to have her wedding in Bali, I decided to go a few days earlier and have some time to myself. I was on a yoga retreat for a […]

  11. […] exercise whatsoever, I decided I needed to do something. I was back in Dubai after a great trip to Bali (including a yoga retreat) and wanted to get back into a […]

  12. […] got back from Bali on the 23rd morning. Similar to when I left, the passengers had to get on a bus after leaving the […]

  13. […] loss? I think it’s easier if I just do this (bear in mind that when I got back from Bali I weighed 81.4 kg – even after all that […]

  14. […] quite a few of them since our Christmas dinner at The Scene, back in December before my trip to Bali, so it was really nice to catch up with everyone. A little before 10pm we walked over to China […]

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