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9 responses to “Dubai

  1. […] to read 20 books a year. I almost made it in 2011 (I got to 19). I thought that once I moved to Dubai I’d have more time to read but in 2012 I read only 11.5 books (that’s not even one a […]

  2. […] any recurring dreams and I couldn’t remember a single dream I’ve had since I moved to Dubai. I used to dream a lot in London, but here I just don’t dream. Or I don’t remember my […]

  3. […] I’ve been a regular gym-goer and the weirdest thing happened to my playlist. When I moved to Dubai, I bought a new laptop. Once I’d transferred all my music over to my new laptop and connected […]

  4. […] left Dubai on Friday, 4th October and was going to be away for almost four weeks. As I was packing I just […]

  5. […] believe we’re in December already… and on Christmas Day I’ll have been living in Dubai for two years! It has flown […]

  6. […] didn’t happen. Instead I’d been getting more and more fed up of yoga and my teacher in Dubai, knowing exactly what each class would entail and I was getting bored. So in the end, this retreat […]

  7. […] almost two weeks of doing no exercise whatsoever, I decided I needed to do something. I was back in Dubai after a great trip to Bali (including a yoga retreat) and wanted to get back into a […]

  8. […] but no such luck. I couldn’t believe my holiday was already over and I was heading home to Dubai! I had an amazing time though – and Bali, I’ll be back […]

  9. […] Christmas! Christmas Day is my sixth anniversary of arriving in Dubai – I remember it like it was […]

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