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11 responses to “London

  1. […] cousin in London lent me her copy of The Understudy by David Nicholls while I was there earlier this year. I laughed […]

  2. […] remember a single dream I’ve had since I moved to Dubai. I used to dream a lot in London, but here I just don’t dream. Or I don’t remember my […]

  3. […] I was in London the newspapers had a design facelift but the content hasn’t […]

  4. […] Tuesday I had a piano lesson in the afternoon. I also did all my Patchi shopping for my London trip – whenever I go to London, half my suitcase is filled with chocolate for […]

  5. […] I was in London I didn’t do much exercise. The first few days I was there I did a lot of walking, but once my […]

  6. […] couple of weeks at the gym. I’ve put on more weight in the 4 weeks I’ve been back from London than I did the whole time I was away. Looking at my weight loss app (Libra on my Samsung), […]

  7. […] to pick me up for lunch – we stopped at the pharmacy first (I’d fallen when I was in London and grazed my knee quite badly) and then went to Roe, a Japanese place at Sovereign North. We both […]

  8. […] was in London for a week and I did no exercise whatsoever. I did walk a lot, as one does in London, but I […]

  9. […] 1.4 kg in eight weeks. It could have been a lot worse, I suppose! I ate really badly when I was in London for the last ten days of my holiday – pizza, chocolate, […]

  10. […] did a few stretches after that and was done. I wasn’t sure if I’d work out in London (highly unlikely given past trips) so let’s see what state my body is in when I get […]

  11. […] where have I been? In case you were wondering, I headed off to London at the end of June for 12 days. I ate croissants and sausages every morning (I’m not joking) […]

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