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I created an oracle deck!

In early 2021, I told a friend that I was thinking about creating my own oracle deck of love messages. She thought it was a fabulous idea, but every time I sat at my computer I’d stare at a blank screen, very uninspired.

Just before Christmas 2022, I was lying in bed on a Saturday morning. I had no plans that day and was so excited to just potter around my apartment.

Suddenly, a thought popped into my head.

‘I should put that in the deck,’ I said to myself.

A minute later… Ping! Another thought.

‘That should go in the deck too.’

A few minutes later… Ping!

I realised the deck was coming that day, so I got up and went to the computer and started writing the messages. By the end of the day, I’d created my first deck!

The back of the deck
A selection of cards
Close up

If you’d like to order the deck, full details are available here.

If you do order the deck, please let me know! Email me at

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