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Your month ahead (January 2018)

Happy new year! Aries Fool – You know that a spiritual approach rarely appears logical and sometimes even impractical. However, when this card appears, you can take a risk and trust with faith anything is possible! The invisible realms will reveal each step along the way. You are meant to experience this regardless of where

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Your week ahead (19-25 November 2017)

Have a great week! Aries World – You’re being called to shift your perspective on your life now. When you remember you are first and foremost an immortal soul, experiencing life as a human being, you have no fear. You can see clearly that you are a powerful co-creator in a divine partnership with Spirit.

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Your week ahead (8-14 October 2017)

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ve got new tarot cards! I’m going to use The Good Tarot for a while and am still trying to figure it out… Have a great week! Aries Emperor – Following the rules right now is exactly what you should be doing. People in authority come to

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