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Your week ahead (7-13 January 2018)

Have a great week! Aries 3 of Fire – You are on the right path towards your success. You have an abundance of opportunities before you. You need to trust yourself, for you can make good choices for yourself and co-create situations and relationships that are in harmony with your heart’s desire. Keywords: expansion of

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Your week ahead (26 November – 2 December 2017)

I can’t believe we’re already in December now… Have a great week! Aries King of Air – Truth is everything. Think before you act. Work with the universal laws with clear intention. Do you see how the foundations of the past affect the present and future? Keywords: intellectual authority, reason over instinct, intellect over passion,

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Your week ahead (22-28 October 2017)

Have a great week! Aries Hanged Man – Sacrifice and surrender are necessary at times like this. Nothing in life is free, nor does everything happen according to your timetable. When this card appears, you’re reminded that a delay is in your best interest, that until all elements are in place you’re meant to surrender

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